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As a Fearless Creator in Ministry & Business

The Fearless Creator Summit

Be inspired, encouraged and uplifted alongside attendees, young scholars and mentors to be the Radiant Pearl and Fearless Creator you were destined to be.

 This summit was made for Creatives and Creators who lead and influence well in the Faith Space. 



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We will provide a platform for our speakers and program participants to have a segment to share their expertise in the arts and the skills they learned and honed over time.


We will honor Fearless Creators who have contributed to the Arts, Media and Content Creation space in our communities.

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"Fearlessly live the life you were meant to live and recognize dreams delayed are not dreams denied. ”

Summit Schedule

Day 1

October 22

You will be able to choose from one of five tracks to attend. 

Day 2

October 23

Incredible speakers and participants will continue to share their expertise in community. 

Day 3

October 24

Closing sessions and showcase with awarded nominees and featured speakers. 

We are so excited to see you!
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October 22-24, 2020