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The Power Of Intentional Community

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Do you remember the days of Periscope and all the rave with that new social media platform? I sure do. It was through that platform that I made invaluable connections with my tribe of Bible Journalers that even led to me ministering at a Bible Journaling retreat at a mountain cabin house with incredible ladies who I met through the beloved platform.
The reason why I share this story with you is because I realize the power of social media, communicating and connecting and I want you to recognize the power in that too. Have you ever wished you could connect with your people and be the go to expert or speaker in a certain sector? or maybe you just want to find your tribe who will support you, cheer you on and show up when you share value on the stage virtually and hopefully at some point again, physically.
What I've found interesting is that many of the influencers and those who are utilizing Clubhouse to the utmost as content creators at some point utilized a platform like Periscope and their network crossed on to this platform with them. This is something I noticed while listening in and participating in some phenomenal rooms.

What exactly is the Clubhouse App?

Clubhouse App is an audio only platform built and backed by tech investors. Since May of 2020 this App has grown exponentially and since you are reading this, you are aware of how the reach and word on this new network continues to grow each and everyday. So, what exactly is the Clubhouse App?

Some say it is a live-in-the-moment-Podcast-Where Social Media meets having a two way conversation as though you were on a conference call. The exceptional experience and opportunity is endearing. Especially when you think about how many of us crave connection right now. The Clubhouse App has recently gained immense traction and awareness at a time when so many of us who were use to traveling to conferences and going to meet-ups especially around the holidays are confined to stay at home or stay close to home with the most popular Accessory of 2020-the mask.

You can speak freely (keeping in mind the etiquette and culture of the room you have joined or created) when given the mic and opportunity to raise your hand and be invited to the panel to ask questions live with esteemed moderators and “gurus” in the space you have decided to enter. 

Right now, it is an even level playing field with no real differentiation from those who have very well established on other networks, who are considered celebrities in their respective fields or who are six, seven, ect. figure earners.

The most compelling thing about this new network is that you have the opportunity to not only be apart of something that is still in the ground stage and is in beta (hence, the reason why it is only available to iPhone/ios device users) but you can gain connections across platforms like Instagram and Twitter. In order for people to connect with you further and message you, they have to go over to your linked IG account or twitter account and you'll find it is easy to gain followers to those other accounts once a connection is made on the Clubhouse App. Honestly, this network is a whole strategy.

Since joining and mobilizing at the point of writing this article- 80 new Fearless Creators to the platform, I have gained deeper-meaningful relationships with people I only knew by pictures on Instagram, comments on threads in my Facebook group or people I did not know at all but have now collaborated with to co-moderate group to joint webinars and live streaming to provide value to our audiences and so much more. 

So much more is to come and I am so excited to see the continued relationships and community that will be fostered and nurtured as a result of this platform and how we decide to use what gifts have been given to us. 

Is The Clubhouse App Right For You?

If you are someone who acknowledges that your Network can be your Networth then you'll understand the value that this App brings to the table for you and your business. There are countless stories of people gaining invaluable connections, knowledge, funding, clients, jobs, customers, speaking opportunities, etc. just by opening up the app and entering rooms, raising their hands to ask questions or provide advise and expertise to help those listening in because they were simply  interested in the topic.

If you just want to learn and glean from thought leaders in a screened yet impactful space that is live, raw and available to everyone who is a part of the app then Clubhouse is for you. If you wish to lead, host, collaborate and share the stage with other influencers and those you wish to make an impact (which goes for everyone on the app) then this Clubhouse App is where you want to be with intentionality, which I break down to a greater degree below.


Should Clubhouse Be Apart of Your Strategy in 2021?

Think about what you want out of the app. It can be a time suck if you do not have a purpose, plan or intention. You know I talk all the time about having a plan so I want to make that 1st action clear as you decide what you want to achieve in 2021. The possibilities are endless when you are intentional about what you want out of life, your blog, your podcast and business. For example, if your goal is to connect with more people, have a specific number (you can even add it to your vision board!) of the connection you want to make in this new year. Let's say if it is gaining 12,000 new followers (hopefully, not just for numbers sake), break it down further to a bite-sized achievable goal of 1,000 new connections/followers each month and even further to approx. 30 new connections a day give and take to be on track towards meeting your goal with an intentional plan. Of course, you participating in other communities and providing consistent value that resonates or even goes viral will lead to moments where you'll blow your goals out of orbit. Right now, I want you to think of what you really want out of 2021 and what will your strategy be to get there-answer whether you will incorporate Clubhouse in that strategy. Don't be afraid to utilize The Fearless Creator Planner to help you gain clarity with your plans pertaining to your life and online business as a VIP in The Fearless Creator Community.

How do I get in and access an invite to join?

If you have not already downloaded the app yet, don't. Why do I say that? Because if you do not already know someone on the app who has your iPhone phone number in their phone contacts or is connected to you through the social media accounts you decide to connect, you'll be waiting on the waitlist for a while or at least until you are able to secure a very limited invite. Up until early January 2021, everyone just started out out with one invite and the amount of people already on the waitlist trumped those who have invites to share.

I grew weary and disheartened to see the pleas and constant requests for invites and gave a way my 1st invite from a young lady in one of our Facebook groups where I could start an invite chain and help the most amount of people, while awaiting a response from my sister to see if she had heard about it and wanted an invite. It is with that impact, that I realized I wanted to continue to provide this kind of value and beyond for my VIP members.

If you are interested in learning more about all that Clubhouse has to offer and what it is all about, visit this Clubhouse App NY Times article.

It is an honor and blessing to be able to share the stage and invite others to discuss topics that are important to us because-your stories inspire us to believe and is so necessary on our journey. I am a testimony to the power of connecting, networking, supporting each other in community.  You can become a part of this movement with a force of a community behind you through our invite chain and looking out for your best interest.

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Join the Conversation

Our favorite part of providing value to our community is recording a live podcast each week and giving our listeners the opportunity to  participate in the great conversations that happens on our live chat, on social media, and in our comments section. Now, we are excited to also take this over to The Clubhouse platform live, raw and unedited welcoming your questions in the moment.   

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