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In this episode of The Fearless Creator Podcast …

Want to learn how to soar as a Fearless Creator working less hours yet having a higher potential to earn more?

We answer, What exactly in BC Stack and Why Do You Need this stack of tools, templates, courses and resources for bloggers and entrepreneurs? We go through just that with the founder and creator-Dan Morris and tips to soar as a Fearless Creator working less hours yet earning more. 

This interview features Today's guest Dan Morris- is the CEO of Audience Industries. After having put on hundreds of 8-hour workshops around the globe, he's figured out how to make a full time income online working 4 months/year.

Listen carefully and you can watch carefully this interview live premiere on our Facebook page and YouTube channel…

BC Stack is live!!


There's only one reason digital marketers fail in this business . . . they don't get enough traffic.

Summits without traffic make no money.
Funnels without traffic make no money.
Content without traffic makes no money.
Events without traffic make no money.

You need money to keep going. Thus you need traffic.

This year's BC Stack is 100% traffic.

You've probably got some traffic now. But what would happen to your business if your traffic grew 10x?

The only thing that is stopping you from growing your traffic is knowing how.

AND knowing some of the amazing ways to get traffic that you weren't even aware of.

If you're not doing it now . . .

Scott Paton wants to teach you his ingenious method of growing traffic with press releases.
Monica Monfre wants to show you how to use EventBrite to grow traffic, in a way you didn't know was even possible.
Carly Campbell wants to show you to make your Pinterest Pins reach more people (with a little know algorithm issue)
Carmen Chan wants to teach you how to get more traffic on Etsy
Jennifer Henczel is going to show you how to grow your traffic with Facebook groups
Dwayne Jeffries is going to show you how to use AI to grow your traffic
. . . and Chad Fullerton is going to show you how to get traffic from YouTube

And that's just 7 of the 56.

BC Stack is this week only. Over 56 products you couldn't afford alone, altogether for $49.

If you have plans to:

Use AI to Create Content
Build a Click Funnel Campaign
Start a YouTube Channel
Write another blog post

Then you're going to need to create a traffic strategy.

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*Fearless Points from this episode transcript:

  • Figure out the things that you control the things that you don't so that you can find some sort of peace, because it's very easy to get mired in some sort of frustration over things outside your control. Then evaluate to make sure they truly are outside of your control. Like if you're frustrated with your job, you can get another job. That's not necessarily outside of your control, make sure that you know that.
  • Have a view of the entire year at all time.. All the things going on in September, in June and July, because when you see a hole, it gives you hope.There is an opportunity to take advantage of a hole, but if you can't see it, if it's not on the wall, you can't see that all of July is currently open. If you don't have any plans then where does the hope come from? You can do something in that time. Like you have to invent it then, but if it's just on the wall and you got all these things written on your calendar and appointments and all this other stuff, you could see a whole calendar and realize you have time to do something fun.
  • If any of the stuff that's currently bogging me down does not adhere to your goals, you can immediately get rid of it.
  •  Go back to your goals book and realize that if something isn't a need for any of the projects you are working on , ask yourself what am I doing that for? Remind yourself to come back. This is my actual goal. I'm not going to be happy until I achieve these things.
  • Find yourself a calendar where January, February, March… are on the left side, not across the top so when it's June, you need to get to the 2022 calendar for on the wall, you can only see six months at that point. Then you want to take the scissors and cut the entire left-hand side of the calendar off  both calendars on the wall. Is your calendar vertical or horizontal? Think about your space. Like, how am I going to make the space fit my life instead of my life at the space?
  • Learn more about BC Stack 2023 here and the bonuses you can get from fearless creator Stacy Zant

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This week’s journaling questions are:

  1. What steps will I take to fearlessly create content today?
  2. How will I actively find ways to create fearlessly in this season?
  3. How will I share my story and experiences after I have exercised the discipline of journaling, planning and working towards my goals effectively?

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