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*Fearless Points from this episode and transcript:

[00:00:00] Stacy Zant: Hello, fearless creators. I'm so excited to have with me here today, the one and only April Nicole Scipio, as an attendee in our summit, you are going to be so enlightened by this session that April Nicole Scipio is doing for us. But before we get to that, I want to introduce her to. April Nicole Scipio is the more coach.

She's a strong woman of faith who is passionate about helping people experience. The more God has for them. She is a wife and mom of three world changers. She has authored several books and hosts. The live love lead podcast. As the founder of live love, lead media, she's on a mission to equip women of faith, to live love and lead well in both their personal life and their business.

April helps. Christian women expect more, do more and be more so they can move beyond what they [00:01:00] think is possible. I'm so excited and delighted to have you here today, April. How are you doing? .

[00:01:07] April Nicole Scipio: Oh, Stacy. Thank you so much. I am doing fantastic. And so excited to be here.

[00:01:13] Stacy Zant: Yes. I'm excited that you said yes to the call and for the work that you do.

And I wanna take a moment to allow those who are listening as well as those who are going to take the time to feast and to learn from your session to know more about a Chronicle CPO. So. Let us know what it means to you to be a fearless creator. How would you define that in your terms?

[00:01:39] April Nicole Scipio: Yeah, for me to be a fearless creator means I first had to get the fear out of my own life.

And what I mean by that is, you know, when God called me to create content, there were so many questions, you know, how am I gonna do this? I'm a wife, I'm a mom at the time. I was [00:02:00] an administrator. Wearing the thousand hats, you know, but I had to really learn that number one, God has called me to this. And so he was going to help me.

And so Stacy, I wish I could say, you know, when I had that realization, I just jumped in and started creating fearlessly. No, that was not the case. Even though I knew that here, I was still trying to do my own thing and it wasn't until I unexpectedly lost my job. That God had my attention. He really put in my heart to be available, to be available for people to open myself up, to be used as a vessel to create so that people can be helped and inspired and transformed.

And that's when I started developing systems to be able to do that. And then the rest is history. God has allowed me to be a creator, but then also help other people implement systems and things in their lives. So they too can produce. The [00:03:00] content and things that God is calling them to create as.

[00:03:03] Stacy Zant: I love that.

Oh, my word, you really spoke to me when you spoke about the availability piece, how many of us are called and set apart for a specific purpose like yourself and those who are watching, but they don't make themselves available. And you're doing such a great work, helping people putting systems into place so that they can accomplish what they need to.

Fulfill their calling. I want you to tell us with all the systems that are out there and all the things that you can create and do, how did you decide what it is you would fearlessly create?

[00:03:39] April Nicole Scipio: yeah, I had to decide number one, what do I need? What has God walked me through? Because I believe that when you create thinking about a place you've been and the process and journey you've gone through, you just speak with such authenticity and with such conviction, right?

So what I'm creating, I'm not [00:04:00] creating from something that I simply just read in a book, but no, like I have experienced this. And so when I create content. Even if it's on scripture and faith it's because I had to stand on those scriptures and see God work. If I create content around productivity that's because I needed that.

I was the mom trying to figure out how to be a great entrepreneur and still take care of my kids. You know, when I create content about being present on media. It's because I myself have, feel, have felt that mandate to be present. And so I feel like when you create from the place that you've been, there's just something about what you create that really, I think, speaks to the hearts of people when they can feel your heart in what you create.

[00:04:51] Stacy Zant: That's so powerful, April speaking and teaching from experience, there's nothing like it. So authentic [00:05:00] having gone through it yourself and now taking, holding people's hands through the process. I love that. So how do you go about planning to fearlessly create you are also the productivity coach, and I know you take time in really being able to plan so that you can be.

T and to do all the amazing things that you do. And so I want you to even go specifically with the example of when you decided to launch your academy, because I know so many people have ideas and things they know they need to get out there and we'll talk a bit about what you're offering to help that be possible, but I want you to kind of lay out how you were able to plan to really make it happen.

[00:05:45] April Nicole Scipio: The first thing I had to do was be super solid on boundaries. that's what I tell people. Whenever you are creating something, no matter if you feel like it's something small or you feel like it's this big, huge project, you have [00:06:00] to start with boundaries because I'm telling you the enemy doesn't want you to create, because he knows what you're going to create.

Create is. Gonna help people. And so he's the master of distraction. You know, we start doing those good things and not really the God thing that God is calling you to create. So that's where it had to start for me. I had to say, okay, let me set up some boundaries. I had to really. Relook at my time blocks.

And the time I was spending, serving in different capacities and not being afraid to make adjustments. And through that process, I had to really confront some things. I always say you can't change anything unless you confront it. And that was hard for me because one of my strengths is loyalty. I love people I wanna serve.

But that loyalty can turn into a weakness. If I'm being so loyal to others. To where I'm neglecting what it is that God has called me to produce. So I had to really, [00:07:00] you know, take the tough look at, okay, April, how are you using your time? What are you allocating to serve others? What are you allocating to work on this productivity academy?

What are you allocating as far as time to work on these other things? And when I was clear with that, okay, now that. Served as a way of protection. It's how I protect my time. See time is a gift from God and we get a certain amount of it every single day. We're responsible for it. We have to steward it.

That means protecting it. And we use boundaries to protect our time. So number one, I had to set up those boundaries and then number two, I had to set those daily goals. I had to say, okay, this is great that I wanna launch this academy, but how do I walk this out on a daily basis? What are my priorities? I wanna do a B and.

And the a, B and C. Can't just be a list. You gotta pull out that [00:08:00] calendar. You gotta say, okay. On Wednesday at two o'clock I'm working on a, at Thursday at three 15, I'm working on B. You have to be super intentional with how you use your time.

[00:08:13] Stacy Zant: I love that April, you know, so much of what you stated there. I can see how people they end up missing the mark, because I love first of all, that you mention, and you have the perspective that time is a gift.

I hope those of you who are listening or, or watching right now, you are allowing that to be imprinted in your mind, time is a gift you cannot afford to squander or waste it. And when you also pointed out the fact that you do need to set those boundaries, I immediately think about how it's so hard for us to say no.

And to stop and to step back because we feel we're like we're gonna lose ground or lose momentum, but that key word of not just doing the [00:09:00] good thing, but making sure it's a God thing in this moment, you can miss what God is trying to bring forth in your life, in your business, the profitability and everything he wants for you, because you're not willing.

First you're not available. And also you're not willing to do that hard part of shedding things away and saying no. Oh, my word, such a, such a good response to how you need to be able to launch and move forward. I want you to share with us. You're going to be doing such a tremendous session for us. And we're just so grateful for your expertise.

And we're gonna afterwards speak about your freebie that is linked below as well as what you've included in the power pack. But I want you to share with us why people should tune in to your topic and your segment that you are going to be teaching on how to increase your productivity and dismiss.

Procrastination as you show up [00:10:00] intentionally on social media.

[00:10:03] April Nicole Scipio: Yes. I am super excited for this session because I feel like people are gonna walk away with three things. Number one, they are gonna be equipped on how to prepare. We hear in scripture that we have to, you know, count the cost. We wanna prepare the field before we build the house.

All these scriptures, that point to the, the preparation preparation time is never, ever wasted time. So if we truly wanna show up strong on social media, We wanna improve that productivity. We wanna make sure we're not falling to the trap of procrastination. We gotta put some things in place. First we have to prepare.

I'm gonna talk about that. I'm also gonna talk about, secondly, you have to pay attention. I'm gonna show you what you have to pay attention to. Again, like I mentioned before, you have to confront, if you wanna change, we have to really pay attention to the routines [00:11:00] and the systems and the habits we have.

Why? Because we always believe God has more for us. Yes. We're creating. Yes. We're planning. Yes, we're building, but man, don't we serve a God of more and God is a good God. He's not gonna give us anything. That's going to hurt us. And sometimes what we're praying for. If we don't pay attention to what we have set up, we'll delay it because we're not ready for it.

So we gotta pay attention to some things. And then third, I'm gonna talk about how to actually produce. I believe every single person has a message on the inside of them that needs to get out no matter what kind of business you have, maybe it's a service based business. Maybe it's a product maybe God has just called you to create in whatever capacity.

It's something on the inside of you that you've gotta produce. We're gonna talk about that because sometimes we hold back from producing because we think, man, it's not enough, or I'm not ready or that's not good enough. And we have the [00:12:00] mindset, this negative mindset that feeds to the procrastination. And so we're gonna talk about what it looks like to actually produce.

So I'm really excited to share with everyone. I feel like people are gonna walk away with some specific things to do, like right now, So they can truly grow their business.

[00:12:18] Stacy Zant: Wow. Oh my gosh. If you're not excited about this and the breakdown of all, that's going to be unpacked. I'm telling you, I don't know if you've truly heard all the components, the building blocks in order to truly soar and to see productivity.

Take place in your life. Everyone needs that. I think so many people are there between a rock and a hard place because they procrastinate and then they look back and wonder why, how did I miss this and the opportunities that is before them. So I think everyone needs this sort of session, not just to motivate them, but to put actions in [00:13:00] place and talking about actions.

You. Provided a freebie. That's gonna allow people to take action. And this is the time budget, Google sheet. Do you wanna go a little bit more into that as everyone has that opportunity to download that right now, below this presentation?

[00:13:17] April Nicole Scipio: Yes. So we hear how we have to create a budget for our money in order to steward it.

Well, well, let's do that same thing with our time money when we run out. We can go make more of it when we run outta time, can't make more of it. And so this time budget allows you to look at the 168 hours you have in a week and pre decide how you're gonna use that time emphasis on pre decide, because if we don't pre decide, sometimes we can let other people's emergencies become our emerg.

We can let the thing that we really, really love [00:14:00] take all of our time and the thing that we may not love, but it's necessary, you know, that may get none of our time. It allows us to let things not fall through the cracks. We don't wanna work 80 hours a week, but then we never spend time with our. Our spouse and now our family is suffering.

So this lets you get a bird's eye view of man, how am I gonna do it this time? Let's pre decide how I'm gonna use this time so that I can truly flow in rhythm in my life and my business. I love

[00:14:31] Stacy Zant: that April. Oh my word. So this is such a gem, being able to keep track of your time and seeing how you're spending it and how you can make sure you, you are taking that time to spend it.

Well, I love that. And so definitely wanna encourage you take this moment an opportunity. Don't let it pass you by. I know that there's so many formats and ways that you can plan, right? And I love that this is another way people can test out through a Google sheet, seeing maybe a whole [00:15:00] spread of how they're really maximizing their time.

Thank you for this resource April. Now let us know about you've generously contributed to the power pack. Set up so you can show up and this is a masterclass access and this incredible value of what you've provided. They otherwise would have to pay, you know, a special fee for, but they're getting included in the power pack when they get the V I P all access passed.

So tell them a little bit more about what they're getting access.

[00:15:32] April Nicole Scipio: Yes. So this masterclass is gonna teach you five systems to set up in your business so that you can show up. Oftentimes we don't show up because we're so overwhelmed by a lot of different things. When really we just need to implement a few systems like content doesn't have to be overwhelming.

If you have a content system following up with clients, communicative with clients, how you set up your calendar, these are all things you [00:16:00] can set up. They're not difficult. If you just have a blueprint, you can set it up. So now you can show up consistently and confidently in your business. You can be visible in your business without being invisible to your family.

And that's what I'm on a mission to help people do.

[00:16:19] Stacy Zant: Yes. So powerful. You're doing that powerfully April. I'm just so grateful that we've had this time. Unpacks a little bit of what it means to be productive and to think about all the elements they're in and the resources available to make that possible.

And so I just want to implore you, whether you are listening to this, or you were watching this take advantage, don't let this opportunity pass you by. And April Nicole Scipio is one of. Fearless creators coming to you to give you just what you need to add to your toolbox and to [00:17:00] make sure that you can see you are incomparable.

You are unique. You're called you're destined to do what it is that you've been called to do to use your gifts. Be fearless and. Profitable. So I want April to go ahead and share with us any last words of encouragement and just imploring you making sure that you stay connected to this vision as a fearless creator.

[00:17:27] April Nicole Scipio: Yes. I would love for you just to remember that this is possible for. Especially when you think about procrastinating, it truly is a habit. And sometimes because we've been in that routine for so long, you don't think. Is there something different for me? Can I experience something different? You can, if you just put into practice the things you're learning, not just from me, but from all the speakers, man, I'm telling you, you're gonna experience change.

So let me encourage you. Take action. [00:18:00] This is possible for you to be a fearless creator. It is possible for you take the information, apply it, and I'm telling you you'll experience a change that God desires you to experience. Thanks so much, Stacy.

[00:18:14] Stacy Zant: Thank you April. Absolutely. Fabulous. Thank you again for your time.

time is a treasure and thank you for those of you who've tuned in today. I know you'll be richly blessed as you continue on this journey. As a fearless creator, we're equipping you to fearlessly create until next time. See you again very, very soon.

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