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*Fearless Points from this episode and transcript:

[00:00:00] Stacy Zant: Hello, fearless creators. I'm so excited to have with me here today, the one and only Heidi cook, and I'm going to be sharing with you, why she's the perfect person to speak on her topic that is going to help you in your journey, sharing, writing, stories that matter, and that will make a difference. And I just want to share with you a little bit about her bio and of course, for you to.

    • Take in the essence and the greatness of what it really means to be a fearless creator today. All right. So Heidi cook is a developmental editor who thrives on teaching and guiding others to shine in their chosen genres. Her writing, coaching and editing career grew alongside each stage of her life.
    • Heidi spent 10 years as a registered nurse where she developed teaching strategies and educational programs, both for patients and colleagues during her 22 years as a homeschool [00:01:00] mom, she taught several groups of teens, how to write, revise, and deliver award-winning speeches by incorporating elements of compelling stories.
    • Authors seek Heidi skills because she catches the vision off their message and motivates with honesty and kindness to help them build their ideas to the best they can be. We wanna give a warm and ecstatic. Welcome to the fearless creator summit platform. Heidi cook. Welcome Heidi. .
    • [00:01:34] Heidi Cook: Thank you so much.
    • [00:01:36] Stacy Zant: Yes. Thank you for saying yes. And just sharing your expertise with us during the summit. And we wanna get to know you as a speaker. So one of the things we love to find out about our fairest creator speakers is what does it mean to you to be a fearless creator? How would you define that in your own terms and words?[00:02:00]
    • [00:02:01] Heidi Cook: There is an element of vulnerability whenever one endeavors to create . And so the, the fearlessness in the creator is the ability to set aside. The fear of rejection in order to be vulnerable and to put a piece of ourselves into each of those things that we create. And honestly, if we are being authentic and putting ourselves, if I am being authentic and putting myself into everything that I create, then the vulnerability will have a reward instead of a threat.
    • and so that's the, that's what fearless creator means to me.
    • [00:02:54] Stacy Zant: I love that, you know, I don't think I've heard anyone use this word that [00:03:00] is so vital in understanding, pushing past that fear and doubt being vulnerable enough to really lean in and still pursue and do what it is that you've been purposed and called to do.
    • Beautiful. I want you to share with us, how did you decide what it is you would fearlessly create? Because you have. Wealth of knowledge in other areas, but you decided to focus in, hone in and niche down to this one thing. And maybe at another given point in season in your life, you were guided to fearlessly create another thing.
    • So how did you go about deciding what you would fearlessly create eight?
    • [00:03:42] Heidi Cook: I have fallen into all of my creative. Aspects. I consider them to be God appointments that have brought me into each thing. The first thing that I attempted to be an entrepreneur with for creating was custom [00:04:00] embroidered bags. And I did a lot of those but I wasn't valuing my own work at that time.
    • And then, because anything custom. Should not be cheap . And so, so I burned out very quickly because I was not having an ROI for my time. And so our return on investment for my time, so that that ended and. Then the next thing that I ended up doing, I had one of those God appointments where I met someone who, who would put me up front in church during worship to paint.
    • Since I was a homeschool mom, one of the icebreaking questions that every homeschool mom, maybe, well, not every, but a lot of them is what would you do if you had any free [00:05:00] time? . And so my answer to that question every single time is I would watercolor and I got to the point where I would ask myself if that's my, what I keep answering, why am I not doing it?
    • And so I. Had this opportunity to paint, to watercolor in a worship service and thought if I don't jump on this, now it is, it is like, God is giving me the free time in which to do this thing that I keep speaking. This is my opportunity to do. And so I ended up on the prophetic and worship arts team at my church.
    • And here's, I, I brought a little example.
    • So this one I did at an event and it has to do with the, [00:06:00] the prophecy. And Zacharia where he see. The oil dripping from the trees into bowls and then into a larger bowl and then into lamps. And I'll talk about that in a minute. But those, those are the things that that I have created another God appointment and, and interesting expression of myself ended up being.
    • A children's book editor I've focused in on children's book. I also I coach people for fiction for novels. I also edit developmentally and line by line for nonfiction, but children's books is the major children's books are the majority of what I do. And in the children's book world, I am finding. An intense amount of healing happens when people are writing their children's book and being [00:07:00] able to be involved in that and come alongside them while they are creating this fearless thing has been so exciting.
    • So that's, that's the, I, I, you asked how did I decide? I don't feel like I really decided it was stepping in. When opportunities were presented to me by the Lord and being willing and in a place where I could be willing, because sometimes in our lives, we are not willing to do the things offered and we can look back and see, oh, I could have done that.
    • Oh, I could have done that. Well, I didn't wanna have that regret of not stepping in. And so that's how I ended up being a fearless creator.
    • [00:07:47] Stacy Zant: Wow. Oh, my word love that Heidi. And while you were sharing your passion and how you got to a place where you could step in to what it is, you were called to fearlessly [00:08:00] creating that given season or point in time, I was very inspired.
    • I was like, you know what? I need to add children's book to my. My list of things to do eventually. When I'm a little bit more aware of the whole aspect of having, you know, the children and, and the child really go through that process, what really speaks to them. And I know you don't have to be in that place, but like you said, having that healing process.
    • And some aspect of even relatability can help. When you are going through that journey of how can you truly minister and speak to a child? It makes me think about also you know, the scripture that tells us to become like a child. And it's just, I can imagine that journey, that those who are having to put themselves in that place in writing a book for that audience.
    • And I think the work you do is beautiful. And I, I just love and appreciate you. You know, you are such a blessing to our Christian content [00:09:00] creator, fearless creator community. And I love how you really take time to really. Listen, pause, reflect, and also consider where God is even before you speak. And you bring that when you do our sessions as well, you know, weekly.
    • So I want you to share with us, how do you plan, how do you go through the process of being able to have a concept of, okay, this is the vision. Of what God is calling me to do and produce in this season. And you go ahead and fulfill that assignment. I know people have different systems, routines, and ways that they go up about planning.
    • So we're curious to know yours.
    • [00:09:50] Heidi Cook: Well, I'm gonna be vulnerable now. Sometimes I struggle with overwhelm and knowing that all the things in front of me are good. And [00:10:00] then deciding which one is the thing that is what God is asking me to do. And so the, I came across a quote yesterday, actually that I had to write down and, and focus on for a minute because it really it really brought an idea into my mind about prioritizing.
    • And so it's from Jordan Peterson, brilliant and thought provoking person. He says, you can have a responsible, a responsibility free life, but the price you pay is that it's meaningless. The more meaningful your life is, the more responsibility you are carrying. It's easy to forget that the reason why you're carrying so much responsibility is because you chose to have such a meaningful life.
    • and I [00:11:00] had to step back then and say, if I am cultivating a meaningful life by following, after what God wants me to do, then I need to make sure that the tasks have meaning the tasks that I choose to do that are in front of me. So the meaningful life. I want to have, because having meaning in your life means that you are cooperating with God's plan for your life and your purpose and using what you know of your identity in that purpose.
    • And so prioritizing the, the tasks that we have in front of us becomes A discussion about how will this be meaningful? Before, just as an example of choosing to be in the summit, I [00:12:00] had quite a bit on my plate and in the process of that went to my husband and said, okay, so I have this and I have this.
    • And they both seem to be happening at the same time. Do you think that I should do this extra thing? And he said, well, that extra thing is what you wanna do. I thought that he was going to say, no, I thought he was gonna say, oh, you have too much on your plate. You really need to not do that. So when I went to him for wisdom and.
    • I verbally processed quite a bit. And so I verbally processed to him and in response, he said, you can do that. And that led me to have more confidence in myself as well, and feel less overwhelmed because he's seen everyth. He's seen [00:13:00] my failures, he's seen my successes. And so I trust that if he says I can do something, he's seen something in me that he knows that I can do it, even if I've never done it before.
    • And so that has been that, that is probably the number one thing that helps me to choose between all of the good things that I know. Are in front of me because God has given me opportunities and being able to choose which one do I focus on right now? And which one do I wait and focus on later? And so that's the, I don't have a set sit down, rattle list, do a pros and cons.
    • Although sometimes I do do that. But I, each time something. Comes up to do. I, I've watched a pattern in myself where I seek the counsel of my husband, who knows me and who has paid attention [00:14:00] to all of the things that I've done.
    • [00:14:03] Stacy Zant: I love that because you are speaking to the power of really having someone in your corner, as well as someone who.
    • Is able to speak life and even give permission when you need someone to bounce ideas off of, and really being able to decipher whether, okay, in the beginning, when you were answering the question, is this a good thing or a God thing? Because you can miss the God thing pursuing and saying yes to all the good things.
    • And we don't want that. Right. We really wanna be in alignment and we want to make sure. We are not squandering the limited time that we do have, and really being able to give her all, knowing that. This is the perfect will of God for me to pursue and do this thing and knowing it's going to lead to that ultimate blessing.
    • I, I want you, you know, if you're listening to this as, and, and you may [00:15:00] be watching this, which those of you who are just listening, you may wanna go over on YouTube or watch on Facebook since you'll be released in those two, on those two platforms and really see. What Heidi is sharing, because I know she sh shared a visual earlier, but even the message that comes forth from body language, as well as, you know, the calmness and what is deposited through the screen, it's amazing that technology allows us to communicate in these ways and enriching format, but also in these visual formats.
    • And so I think it's really important. We're. A big picture view of really unraveling and unpacking the minds of fearless creators like Heidi, and like some of our amazing guests that we've invited to speak to you. And so Heidi. You know, I think it's, it is so, so vital what you said, really [00:16:00] listening it.
    • This is what I love about asking these questions is that it, it changes. It differs based on your own walk and journey. No two people are the same. That's why our theme this year is in comparable, right? Your gift is incomparable. You are incomparable, you know, God has made us unique and. He wants us to share, you know, authentically who we are and that uniqueness.
    • And I love the way in which you also communicate in these different ways, in your own unique. Style. So I want you to share with us about your freebie because you've been so generous in providing your freebie to the community of listeners and viewers, and then let us know about why they should tune in to your amazing presentation.
    • I love, you know, the tools for the task at hand. What is that all about and why people should tune into that? And then the [00:17:00] last thing will be what you're include. Including in the power pack for those who upgrade to the V I P all access pass. Tell me the first thing again. The freebie. Yes,
    • [00:17:12] Heidi Cook: the free.
    • Okay. So the freebie that comes with my with my talk is a worksheet that helps to take an inventory. Of your life of your abilities, of your talents, of your experiences, because one of the things, and I'm gonna go right into the, the talk that I'm gonna give now it's called tools for the task at hand.
    • And one of the things that sometimes we say to ourselves is I can't do that. I have no idea how to do that. There's no way I can do that. And we know that there's this. Desire in us to follow after what God wants for us and to obey him and to [00:18:00] step into our calling. And yet how many times do we have that fear rise up and disqualify our own selves from what it is that we are supposed to be doing.
    • And so this, this freebie. Not only a way to help you to see that you have the tools that you need, but the talk also steps through some, some very practical ways in which to evaluate and to understand how equipped you already are for what God is calling you to do. And then the offer for the, the product that's going to be in.
    • The, I forgot the name of it already pre the power pack power pack. I knew it started with P okay. So in the power pack, I'm going to add a video [00:19:00] called introduction to children's books. It's a masterclass to give you the broad view of what it means, what children's books are all about. Audience what target audience and what market means and how do you how do you boil down your story into something that can be in a 32 page picture book?
    • And so that's going to be an exciting masterclass for anyone who has ever thought that they might have a children's book in them. And Stacy, I love how you said, oh, now I think I might. Needing to add children's book to my list. It's amazing. Some people have thought of writing a children's book for 35 years, decades, and suddenly now is the time others listen to someone speaking and realize, oh, I have a children's book.
    • And so it [00:20:00] it's this wide range. And if you are one of those who has had a children's book and you're in mind for decades, it will very much help you. But also if it, you are someone who thinks that there could even be a possibility that you would ever write a children's book, it would be for you as well.
    • [00:20:18] Stacy Zant: Wow. Yes, no matter where you are on your journey, you know, it's amazing if you're really in tuned. Being in the right place, the right time where God is leading you. It's amazing because things will click together and you'll find all the pieces of the puzzle, really creating that masterpiece and the tools like you said, it's right before you, and it's already sometimes in your hand.
    • So definitely love that Heidi and wanna encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity, even if you feel. This may not really be relative to where you are now. You may be surprised that later on, [00:21:00] this is something that you're getting the nudge and the heart and the desire to do, but you never know, unless you explore, you learn and you.
    • See, and then, you know, you'll be equipped to do it when the time is right. And so I just wanna thank you, Heidi, for just spending time and letting us know, you know, what it is that you have really spent time in developing with your own craft as a fearless creator and how you're helping others to do the same in this Mo modality, as well as for this particular.
    • And we just invite you as you are listening or watching. Take the time to opt in the link for the freebie that has been given to you as a fearless creator attendee for the summit or listener on the podcast. And then also, if you do upgrade to the V I P all access pass, you get this extra sweet, additional bonus that is going to really help you to get clear [00:22:00] and really give you what you need to take that next step or go to that.
    • Extra level. And we just want to invite you, make sure as you're hearing these nudges as you're hearing okay. What it is you need to do in this moment to go ahead and lean in to what it is that you've been assigned to fulfill in this season, just. Just let God guide you, write in your workbook, reach out to Heidi, reach out to our speakers.
    • That is why we're here. That's our theme this year. Not only that you're incomparable, but we want you to use your gifts. Be fearless and. Profitable. All right. And so Heidi, I wanna give you an opportunity to share any last words that's on your heart for our listeners and how can they connect with you now that I know that you are into watercolors too?
    • I'm like, yes, you're a lady after my own heart. We'll have to have some other creative sessions just. For the creativity to come out in other [00:23:00] ways. And we are incorporating that just so you all know we're incorporating that in our summit where we are gonna have some downtime. Yes. Co-working yes.
    • Networking where we're serious about our business, but also time to create art and just to, just to relax and enjoy the experience together. So Heidi, let us know how people can connect with you. And any last words you wish to share, .
    • [00:23:24] Heidi Cook: Oh, they can connect with me at info, Heidi cook That is my email.
    • And this, the thought that I wanna leave with is one of the reasons why Zacharia for. It was something that I was focusing on so much. And what the Lord was speaking to me about is that the oil that comes from the trees that are at the throne of God [00:24:00] is oil that we need individually. And that if we are positioned appropriately, then we will be, our lamp will be filled with the oil from the throne of God.
    • So that we can burn brightly for what God has for us. And that is
    • going to be talked about a lot more in my session, but that is the, that is something that I want to leave.
    • [00:24:39] Stacy Zant: so beautiful. I know together with the help of fairness, creator, speakers, and those who are just doing the work that they've been called and assigned to do, you know, no excuses. They're gonna everyone.
    • If you're tuning in today, you're gonna shine bright. [00:25:00] And it's gonna be amazing to see all the oil, all the tools and everything that is going to be given onto you, press down, shaking together and running over. And it's amazing because we always love to end our podcast episodes and our sessions and talks with, you know, together we're equipping you.
    • To fearlessly create. And so we're just so delighted that we can truly fulfill that mission, that great commission as well together in the body and in the body of Christ. So until next time guys, we're, we're so glad you're here with us and we can't wait to just hang out and further connect with you as a fearless creator.

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