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*Fearless Points from this episode and transcript:

[00:00:00] Stacy Zant: Hello, fearless creators. I'm so excited to have you here today, as we are about to learn all about Lucrezia and the amazing work that she does in helping fearless creators all over the world and in legal matters at that. And so I wanna tell you a little bit more about her and why she's the perfect person to speak to you about the topic that she will be presenting on at the fearless creator summit.

Lucrezia is the founder of blogging for new bloggers, tiny love bug legals for business owners and hosts of the popular blogging for new bloggers community with 36,000 members. Plus Laia has worked as an international lawyer and university lecturer in different countries for over 15 years and has helped 30,000 plus blogger.

Course [00:01:00] creators, coaches, podcasters, and other online entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses and protect legally with her courses and legal templates. I am so delighted to welcome to the fearless creator stage summit stage here today. The one and only Lucrezia. Welcome.

[00:01:22] Lucrezia Iapichino: well, the ninja. Oh my God. Stacy. Thank you so much for having me. I'm so excited. You can't believe I'm. I'm so excited to be here. Yeah, ,

[00:01:31] Stacy Zant: I'm so excited to have you here and thank you for saying yes mm-hmm cuz I know you have a lot going on and being as busy as you are helping thousands, tens of thousands of people, knowing that fearless creators have this opportunity to hear directly from you today, such an honor. So I'd love for you to share with us. One of our first questions that we love to ask is what does it mean to you to be a fearless creator we'd love to hear from your own [00:02:00] terms and definition. What does that mean to you?

[00:02:02] Lucrezia Iapichino: You know, I. This question is actually quite difficult for me, but it is just because I never thought that I would be a creator. Like I. You know, I just became one by chance. It wasn't planned at all. Like he was so, you know, I decided I was leaving in different countries and then at some point I met my husband. We were in London and and then we moved to Australia. I'm coming from Boston, Australia and wanted to start a family at the time I was working as a lawyer and, and a university lecture.

So completely different career path, you know, but then what happened was when we start to trying to consider baby, it wasn't happening for us. It took like, Five years in the end. I'm now a mom. So, yeah, but he was a really big journey to get where we are today and actually was my fertility specialist that suggested that I would keep my mind off these fertility struggles that we were having.

And so I started a blog and [00:03:00] at first it was, you know, just a creative outlet, just tooking my mind off. But then I basically got addicted because I realized the power. You have in creating something, you know, so for me what, it means to, to be a, a fearless creator now is the fact obviously that I can work and create from wherever I am.

Like, we're never where wherever I want, which is amazing. It gives me the possibility opportunity to be with my daughter and with my family and family and friends, whenever I like so that I don't have, you know, to have. Schedule, but I can be flexible with my time. Now I can I know that you can't see my point, but I I'll get there.

So what it means is this, and the fact that I can leave a legacy for my daughter to have this one day so that she can either, you know, like my follow in my, in my, in my path. She can even like choose to do something else, [00:04:00] but I still something like I'm utilizing my skills to create something that is ours, that is for our family, for, and she can decide what she wants to sell.

I don't care, but it's something that is for us and best part of all. And that was my toy. Is that basically in doing this, I also have the opportunity every day to empower, inspire support. Artists to do exactly the same to create something for themselves, whatever it could be. And so the idea of having helped 30 over 30,000 fellow content creators to create something for themselves is what makes me feel like really feel less because you know, like he's like, oh my God, I love being a creator so much for it's, you know, it's, it is a mix of my.

And my inspiration at the same time, all at once. And I feel so grateful that I get [00:05:00] to do this every day. well, does it make sense?

[00:05:05] Stacy Zant: Yes, of course. And we are grateful that you get to do this every day because legal matters are no joke. And sometimes, The hum drum of the office and all the other things that can really SAP the joy and the purpose and that big picture, why that you mention that inspires and lights you up and then it lights up.

Of course, those who you've been called and assigned to help. And to know that you've been able to help so many, because you said. To the call and mm-hmm, , there's so many reasons why. And so I, I love the excitement and the passion and everything, and really being able to embrace. You said it perfectly being able to embrace this opportunity of building a legacy people.

Don't think about the fact that with your blog, with what you're fearlessly, creating online. it's something that you can pass on because you're [00:06:00] literally building a business that produces income in so many different ways. And I know we're gonna go into the exact way that you specialize in and that's going to help our audience when it comes to affiliate marketing, but that's just one piece of the puzzle.

Mm-hmm and that's what makes blogging and being a fearless creator online. So exciting. It's always changing. There's always a lot to learn and there's always amazing people like yourself to teach us. Right. So I want you to go into this portion of how did you decide what it is that you would fearlessly create with all the things that you could do?

Let us know maybe just at a given season or point in time that you decided, okay, this is what I'm gonna focus on, and I'm gonna go ahead and fearlessly create something for this particular. Path.

[00:06:49] Lucrezia Iapichino: Yeah, again, it knows it will sound very strange, especially cause I'm a vehicle. I don't know if you know about companies, but you know, like usually have plans like vehicle.

They say [00:07:00] that they're like pragmatic, but actually again, it happens a bit as a by chance. And the reason is. So the, my first blog was a lifestyle blog. So, you know, as I said, it was the creative outlets. And so that was I was writing about humorous things and, you know, it was a, it was a bit of a distraction, but then what happened is that even with that blog, I start making money.

From from inception basic. Okay. Probably the first month was I remember exactly it was $128 which is you knowable, but it still showed that we were into something. So I said, oh, Let's see what I can achieve with this. And so more and more every month, the the revenue starts, you know, growing and growing, growing.

Then at that point, are the blogs, other content creators start asking? How did you do that? How did you make all this money with just the lifestyle blogs, but bla basically within a year that's little lifestyle blog, blossom it into a, a six [00:08:00] video. And so what happens that my sister marina, because I, I, I blog with her we partner in car my sister ma and I became to so began to teach other people how to start and grow their own blogs.

And so at that point it was also clear to me how much other blogs and content creators and our line creators wanted to simplify the legal side of all of this. Especially once the GDPR. Came into force and many bloggers, you know, went into panic mode. Oh, what's this? What should I do? You know? And the big fines and the, the, the, the scare of lawsuits.

And so I felt that that was a big pain point that I needed to address for my audience, because I was well versed in that I had a PhD in European, you know, law, so, and international law. So yeah, we created blogging for new blogs to. Make the process of both blogging and blogging, legally a [00:09:00] little easier

And so, yeah, I use now the combination of my legal experience and expertise and, and teaching and blogging experience altogether to show other fellow bloggers and same content creators out to grow their business and protect illegally. And so that's my vision basically. And, and I feel is my mission.

that's not. Provide legal templates for fellow content creators, but also to, you know, offer training and education in this field because I want to empower them to run their businesses profitably, but at the same time in all the legal requirements and, and look legit and transport so that they can easily convert the website visitors into repeat customers.

Yeah. wow. Makes sense. Yeah. I, I can

[00:09:51] Stacy Zant: Lucrezia yeah, this is so good because I think a lot of people feel like the answer is outside of them and what they're [00:10:00] capable of doing or what is within their. Realm of expertise, but a lot of times, if you look at what you are already gifted and experienced in doing, it's amazing because then you can find that niche and that path like you did to say, okay, this is what I have an education in.

This is where there is a need, you know, for the pain point, you can provide a solution for that. And you really don't have to. Reinvent something because you already have a basis and foundation. So that's so powerful for those who are listening right now. And those who have their workbook out, The Fearless Creator summit workbook, start thinking about what is it that.

You have an expertise in where does your education already lie? It could even be some of the online courses that you're taking here. Online that's equipping you to really be in a place to fearlessly create that one thing that is just a jumping point, [00:11:00] cuz I'm sure Lucrezia the legal templates and those things.

Aren't the only things that you do cuz you have such a. Empire. Now I want to say of helping people blog and to see success in other ways as you will be doing, when you talk about the affiliate portion of this particular aspect of being profitable in the summit. So now I want you to let us know. People are always curious as to how.

Fearless creators like yourself plan and may maybe you have a routine or a way of being able to first get the idea and then fearlessly follow through in seeing that idea and vision become a reality. And so just let us know if there's one particular example that you may have and what system you may utilize to plan to make that vision a reality.

[00:11:55] Lucrezia Iapichino: So when I first started, I was actually wearing all the arts [00:12:00] and I think this is pretty common for content creators to do everything . But the more you grow and the more you understand, what are your strength and what are your weaknesses in your business? You probably start to. To pick the task that you wanna do when you, when you plan something that you wanna create and delegate or automate everything else that, you know, doesn't require you specific expertise.

So it was good at first to actually have a bit of understanding of everything, because at the moment I can do anything in my. But so I don't, I wouldn't answer straight away because you need to be understanding how everything works, but once you, you know, it is just delegate your tasks. Now for me, the process, when I create something I usually map out whatever I wanna create, but for me, the best way personally is to start with the end in mind.

So I know it sounds counter, but what I [00:13:00] usually do is everything that I create always for me, needs to either help someone with a struggle they are experiencing or provide a solution to a problem that they have, or. Maybe facilitated transformation. So bringing someone from point a to point B.

And so for me, whenever I create something is like, because I have so many ideas, like every other kind of creators, I think it's just, you know, in our nature you go take a shower and you know, like your brain can't stop and you start thinking, I can do that. I can do that. And then that, but then I go, let's say, okay, this sounds exciting, but does it really make sense for my business, for my a.

Primarily like, can I give value to this? Can I actually add anything to their life in creating something? Would they use it? Would they, would they find it useful? Obviously, like. Sometimes I did some, I created something and then, you know, it didn't work. Like I thought that he would be a good idea that [00:14:00] he would be, yeah.

I'm not big, a big fan of doing, you know, like all the market research to see all like to survey my audience and all of that process to, to see what to create. Because I like. I like to live in the moment in a sense, like, I, I have that sparkle, like the idea and create, instead of transforming all the creation processes in a, you know, rigid.

Step by step think, okay, let's see the market and then compare to competi the competition. And then you analyze the send surveys. I'm not that collect. I need to have that. If I follow this kind of thing at the first time, I'm already bored. I'm already like following another idea. so it's a bit, it's a big, I dunno.

It's I still love to have that excitement and you know, spontaneity to do it straight away, but following like mapping out, okay, I'll do this. What I wanna achieve with that and what I, what I wanna offer the, my [00:15:00] audience or, you know and then going back, okay. I will start with this framework or what I wanna build.

And then I, I. Do for each section, I go and do the same, like, you know, I subdivide them in little pieces that I would like to address and, you know but yeah, so for me, the most important thing is see if. anything aligns with the value of your business aligns with where you are. So say no to things that don't align with your vision, with your mission, with your values and just say yes.

So if something is not a yes, I don't do it anymore. it needs, I need to feel that think, oh my God, this is so good. Such an opportunity that I can't miss. And I wanna do that from, yeah. So first it needs to be aligned with you and. Secondly, but not in sensing of importance, but it's only because if you aligned, can you actually create something that is is good for your audience?

You're not aligned. The results will [00:16:00] table. Okay. So it just, that's why it needs to be first that secondly, but most importantly, it needs to be something that would help your audience and, and provide value to them. Makes sense.

[00:16:11] Stacy Zant: I love that. I love that because you are pointing to. That ultimate goal of making sure that your why is always at the forefront, you wanna help people. Right? And you really want to see that the time and the effort you put into planning and creating is going to be worthwhile. And how will you know that? Is, if you start with that end in mind, that's one of my favorite turns and I know it can just sound pretty, but I love that you are bringing people to that awareness that, okay.

Yes. It may be fun to do or there may be different ways about going through accomplishing your goals or your plan, but don't get ahead of yourself. Look at what works for you as a fearless creator and not what everybody else is saying to do, cuz like you said, people [00:17:00] say the best thing is to do the market research, do all those other humdrum things.

But if that's not in alignment, With what sparks you, and that really will allow you to be excited about producing the thing that is gonna provide solution. Then it's not really worthwhile to explore further. And so I, I think for those who are watching here today, you can really run with this idea what sparks you.

What brings you to life and what is going to really resonate with your audience? Because I believe Lucrezia, you have resonated so well with your audience. That's why you've been able to impact so many people and you keep getting invitations to speak at. These different conferences because you found your niche and you found a way to be able to fearlessly, help people and provide a solution to their problem.

So I want you to talk now about your freebie. You have been so generous and we will have your freebie linked in the show notes as [00:18:00] well as. On the summit page for people to opt in and the freebie is the copyright notice template that people will be able to take advantage of. And we want to make sure if people.

Already caught back about, oh my gosh, do I have the right things in place to make sure when they visit my website or have my content out there that they're protected. So talk a little bit about your freebie as well as what you've included in the power pack. , that was also another generous contribution.

[00:18:31] Lucrezia Iapichino: Thanks. So I thought for the freebie, I'm offering a copyright now this template, because it's something that every content creator will find us useful. Cuz you know, like when you, when you create something it's like your baby or anything that you. Create, it can be a blog post. It can be an ebook.

It can be your course. It can be, you know, your coaching from whatever it is. You put so much into it that you really wanna protect and you wanna keep all the teeth, all the [00:19:00] copycat away from your condo, you know, so annoying in this, in, in your online space to create something, put it out there, like, you know, you invest so much and then you see someone that's just come and.

And you feel like what? no, that's not right. It's my work. And you see it's word from Royal on another website or on another planet. So the copyright, now this template will help. Deter any person will think that they can copy your content because he is basically protected by copyrights. So anything that he create is actually yours and you have the natural rights to to claim the the rights of ownership on that funding.

So this is a done for you. Ready to go copyright notice that will explain. How people can consume or use your content without infringing on your copyrights so that everything is clear that they can't steal or reusing in, in in ways that [00:20:00] you don't allow. Now, the beauty of it is that is done is, you know, you just need to copy in case wherever you want.

And. The, you can basically use it for anything that you create. It can be a blog post. It can be a podcast. It can be an ebook, an E course, any a freebie, a principle, whatever it is. So it covers all the, the, the, the different situation and circumstances. And you can use it all over and over again for anything that you create in the future.

So I think that some you're gonna love it. it's it really went so well. This free, like, I. It actually cost 27. but I sometimes for limited time or for some I offer for free and he's yeah, he's, he's , he's very popular. I have thousand thousand people that I downloaded it. Thank you so much. Wow. I didn't even know that piece.

So you've doubly blessed us because not only do we have this, but there's also what you've included in the power pack for those who [00:21:00] upgrade to the V I P all access pass with the disclosure. Love for you to speak a little bit about that and then go right into why people should tune into your amazing presentation that we have you presenting on.

And we want people to know that they can make money with affiliate marketing that legal way. So just go right into that. Yeah. So I I'm really excited about this presentation. I find it like the, the one of the best topic that I teach, because it, it combines the idea of making money online in with my, my legal expertise in a way that actually will make you more money.

that basically, yeah. Adding all the disclosures in place will actually help you in athlete marketing. So. What happens is like, basically we all know people buy from people that trust. Right? And so if you look legit, if you look trustworthy, if you do it legal way, you basically will build trust with your [00:22:00] audience and you can convert them into repeat customers because when you have when you work with marketing, so promoting other people's stuff, but you get a commission out of.

You should always disclose this to your audience because you wanna be transparent with them. Right. And so this is actually a legal requirement. Now I don't wanna go into the nitty gritty obviously, because that's will leave it for the for the session. I just wanna say. Briefly that this is obviously just for informational purposes.

It's not legal advice. This is just a disclaimer. But the, the funny thing is that actually my session will be fun. It won be boring. It was, I will actually explain why you need all this disclosure, not only to build, to know, to be transparent audience, which I think is the primary goal. It's also to meet legal requirements, but in turn, the, the thing is that once you have all these disclosures in.

The good thing is that you will get accepted into more [00:23:00] affiliate programs that they wouldn't let you in. If you don't have those, you obviously will protect yourself from fines, from the fair trade commission or lawsuits and, and, and all of that, but will also increase all the opportunity you would love to make money.

Now people say, okay, it's just, you know, I. Right. This is athlete this, I don't know. And athlete this, this fast contains athlete links. And they think that that's enough, but actually that's, that is not sufficient that, you know, like it's not clear, it's not, it doesn't meet all the legal requirements. So we go into the details are to do it all right.

Or like, or out to do it the right way. But. The amazing news is that in the power pack, I actually offer a disclosure that is already made for you. But the statement that you will have to put in all your blog post, or your social media post, or, you know, a short statement in your equals or eBooks, if they [00:24:00] content for your links, but also a full page that is required, you know, for you to go into the, all the details about IU work with.

Merchant and you know, other brands that you endorse. And so, you know, that meet all the liberal find. So yeah. so it will be easy. It's all done for you. Get the power park yes.

[00:24:22] Stacy Zant: Oh my gosh. I love it. You have such a seamless way of. Flowing all the elements that's really needed and then not just giving the information, but equipping, right.

So education plus the actual item for them to take action with and have no excuses whatsoever. So thank you so much for being so generous. And we just wanna implore you if you're watching this or you're listening to this take advantage. All that we've put together, not only from Lucrezia, but of course, collective resources of fearless [00:25:00] creators and speakers to really help you and remind you that you are incomparable, your gift is incomparable and just remembering to use those gifts, right.

Be fearless and profitable. And so Lucrezia, I just wanna thank you again. I, I love how. Been able to even outline and make it very clear for fearless creators here to see the value in taking action today, do not delay because when you think about the fact that sometimes you're missing out on opportunities that are truly abundant before you and possible.

But if you are missing a puzzle piece, then like a disclosure template, or like making sure you have the copyright in place, then you're not fully protected and you're not fully taking advantage of all that is possible before you to be profitable online. And so I wanna go ahead and give you an opportunity. [00:26:00] Lucrezia any final words you want to share with those who are listening today, as well as how they can connect with you online? So that they can keep following you and binging your content.

[00:26:14] Lucrezia Iapichino: thanks. Yes. I actually do have something that I wanna add, because earlier you said, oh, you had so many people, you attract so many people and it's true. I helped thousand of people and I'm proud of it obviously, but. I also repel. lots of people. And you know, like the, my business actually grew when I stopped worrying about being perfect and being someone that needed to be alive by everyone and start being by myself.

So, you know, like all this presentation, it was a mess. I don't, I'm not organized. I'm not, you know, like, I, I I'll talk too much. I have a bad, heavy hack accent. But what happens now? People that [00:27:00] like this and have people that say, oh my God, I can't, I can't do. But it's actually a good thing because I would never be the person for those people.

And so it is good to have audience that actually likes you for what you are, instead of pretending to be someone else said that you don't, because if you don't click, you know, they won't. And the, my thing is like, prob I help 30,000 people and these people keep buying and then being loyal to me and engaged because I love them and they love me cuz we on the same, you.

Wave legs. But at the same time, I might report so many others, but I'm happy about. You know, it's like, because we wouldn't have worked together, it's not a good match. And so, yeah. Remember this, so every time that you get an unsubscribe, every time you think, okay, what I'm doing is just, I'm making my little, you know, community that really is synced with me.

That person wasn't for me. [00:28:00] Bye. I wish you well, you know so every, no everything. Yeah. So yeah, not just wanted to make sure that some, you. This was another message we could send to the people that are are listening. If you are not too bored you can join me online. You can finally, your blog in for a new blog

That's my website. And I also have, as you said, the Facebook group of the same name, belonging for new bloggers with 36,000 content creators from all around the world, mainly us. We have people from all different countries and yeah, I would love for you to join us. Yes. Oh my gosh.

[00:28:40] Stacy Zant: Thank you for that beautiful reminder today. Just making sure that you recognize you're not for everyone, but who's for you is for you and you can just be okay. With walking in your calling and in your own skin and just being authentically you. Thank you for [00:29:00] being that today again, Lucrezia and we're just so excited for all that is to come for fearless creators who are taking the time right now, taking action, not delaying on the opportunity that is before them and together we are here to equip you to fearlessly create until next time.

We'll see you again very, very soon. Bye . Next time.

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