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*Fearless Points from this episode and transcript:

[00:00:00] Stacy Zant: Hello, fearless creators. I'm so excited to have with me here today, the one and only Michael Huey. And I'm gonna share with you a bit about him and why he's the perfect person to speak on the topic that he'll be presenting on in the fearless creator summit. Michael is originally from Lancaster, Ohio after high school, he attended the Ohio state university where he was a four year Letterman in track and field.

He also received a degree in nutrition, exercise science and sports management. He was recently nominated for an. Honorary PhD in nutrition. Michael also received a eight year theology degree in Christian studies from Christian life school of theology and is a licensed minister. He's a master educator for the American council of exer exercise 25 plus certifications.

From fitness, nutrition to [00:01:00] anti-aging and he's the founder and CEO of he influence the number one problem solving coaching company on the planet. He also has a podcast called the he influence podcast with over. 125 episodes. And he has numerous awards and having spent so much time in the Florida area, Tampa bay, 25 plus years together with his wife.

They love God and they're serving others. And I just, I'm just so delighted that he's here today because he has such a wealth of knowledge to share with us. Welcome, Michael.

[00:01:38] Michael Huey: Stacy. Thank you so much. It's great to be here. I'm so excited to be a part of your summit. I'm so part of, to be able to. Pour into your community and to partner with you on this journey to building the kingdom and really just influencing the lives of so many people.

So thanks for

[00:01:54] Stacy Zant: having me. Thank you for saying yes, truly. We've been so blessed [00:02:00] to connect with each other, thanks to the power of the worldwide web, right. And community. It's amazing how God works. And so I wanna take this time. Most who of those who are listening are always curious to know. What it is that people decide to fearlessly create is they're trying to decide for themselves.

And so I'd love for you to share with us how you decided what it is you would fearlessly create in this season or in a previous season.

[00:02:28] Michael Huey: Well, I love the word fiercely. Okay. And I believe that it really starts with the foundation of the scripture that God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power love, and a sound mind, right.

A sound mind, and really that's where it all started. Even if you look at the shield of helu right here over my shoulder, there's actually an arrow that points up. And, and it talks about that's where our faith comes from. Our faith comes from the Lord light. We hear this all the time. That fear is the absence of faith.

Right? Well, here's what [00:03:00] I believe. Okay. I believe that faith doesn't mean the absence of fear. It means facing fear and trusting that God's goodness is greater than your fear. Okay. So that's when we really step in and create fearlessly. And so. I believe this, and this is what I'll say to, to, to, to finalize and, and put it all together in one.

Stacy is, is I feel like I have a moral responsibility to fearlessly create and to use the gifts and talents that God has given me. And that's where it finishes.

[00:03:32] Stacy Zant: I love that. So you've defined for us, honestly, what it means in your terms and with how God has enlightened you on this journey to be a fearless creator and you create so many amazing things with even access to different membership or course, or of course your podcast.

And in these different seasons, I'd love for you to just share a little bit about how you plan to go [00:04:00] about creating fearlessly. Do you have a routine or do you have a system and a way to go forth and fearlessly create?

[00:04:08] Michael Huey: Yes, and I, I think being fearless means to stand on my core values. Okay. My core values of love, honesty, integrity, and humility.

All right. To fulfill God's perfect will upon my life. Right? Like I've realized that a lot of us can spend a lot of time in God's permissible. Right. But to be, I, I want to be a great husband. I want to be a great coach. I want to be a minister. I wanna be a nutritionist. I wanna be a friend. Right. And I believe that we need to live a legacy and leave a legacy that truly.

In God's eyes inspires others to be the best version of themselves. And so yeah, that's, that's one of the best important things that I can say is, is that that's, what's most important is encouraging and, and teaching and guiding and staying connected to those core values. And because what I've [00:05:00] realized is people are always watching.

They're always watching your consistency. They're always watching your intentionality. And I think for me, those are what's most, I. Yeah. So

[00:05:10] Stacy Zant: this deep root Ted idea of knowing that you want to encourage and be the blessing that God has purposed you to be helps guide you, I'm sure into what you need to create next.

Right. And I'd love for you to just give us a, a peak into maybe any way that you have established a routine in your. Own day to day life so that you can fulfill those things that will allow you to encourage others and will allow you to create the programs or the podcast that will make a difference in the lives of others who are called to you and what it is you've been called to produce.

[00:05:53] Michael Huey: Absolutely. I believe time is everything right? Like you and I, when we, when we, we, we like, you're super intentional, like [00:06:00] me, you like to know what we're gonna talk about and, and be structured and give questions and stuff. Right. And so, you know, through my platform, through my ministry, through having live events, you know, but what I most, I believe most important is timing is everything, right?

Like it starts with how you start your day. Right? Stacy, like, you've heard me say this in clubhouse, in different rooms, like you know, I break mine up into three categories. Okay. I have a morning routine. And then what I call an advancement routine. Okay. Which is. With clients, platform stuff, content the whole nine yards, what I'm doing to further my purpose in the kingdom.

Right. And then I have what I call an evening routine. And so, you know, you look at the morning routine. I L actually it's funny, Stacy. I, this was fine tuned by a 17 year old. Okay. That literally wrote nine books before the age of. Okay. And, and he, and he did it very similar, but I just kind of took it and put it in my words.

Right. So, you know, whether that morning routine [00:07:00] is, you know, for me, hydration, you know, prayer, devotions, exercise meal, prep, you know, and then prepping for that advancement routine, right? Like, like you know, these stages will only work if you. Boundaries, right. No distractions, super intentional and planning it out.

And I think that's, what's most important is that when you have this type of routine at the end of the day, when I'm doing my evening routine, I make sure that I was successful on the things that I planned out for that day. Right. And when you're fiercely intentional, right. Or you're fiercely setting boundaries, Or moving forward to your purpose.

That's where it starts. It starts with staying consistent and intentional. It was really funny. And this, so I'll land with this is, you know, my word for, for last year was, was intentional. And my word for this year was consistent. And I believe you have to constantly be building upon that being intentional and then carrying intentionally into being [00:08:00] consistent.

And I think that that's, what's most important when you're looking. Timing and really advancing the things and using the GIBS and talents and tools that God has given you. Amen.

[00:08:11] Stacy Zant: That is so powerful when you couple those two concepts and those two ways of being it's amazing what you can truly accomplish as a fearless creator.

Someone called to create in this season and beyond. Reflecting God's image. I love that. I want you to share with us why people should tune to your session that we'll be able to have recorded in a moment and they'll be able to really glean and grow and receive the wisdom when it comes to impactful strategies to increase your wealth and health.

So you can create. and overcome mediocrity. Why should they tune in for that? Well,

[00:08:56] Michael Huey: I like that question because it's the longest question that you gave me. [00:09:00] Right. and, and we constantly, like, you're preparing for motherhood, right? Like that's, that's gonna change your life. Right. It's gonna be different.

You've already began to experience that. Right. Like, and I think. You know I was talking to this with a friend of mine, a close friend of ours Joe Sug. And we, we began to, to dive into some of those thoughts and processes and things that we go through when it comes to our finances. But when you gave me my ti, when we talked about you giving me my title and I I'll be honest with you, Stacy, I love it.

When people give me a title, right. When they say, Hey, Here's what I'd really like to hear you speak about. And then I take experiences. I take other talks that I've done and I combine them in one because you know, like, even when I think about I'm, I, I just finished this book again for the second time, John Sweet Maxwell's book, developing the leader within you 2.0.

And, and he. Says, they asked him why he wrote rewrote the book 30 years later. And he said, well, I'm not the same person. I was 30 years ago. Right? Like I've grown, I've evolved, you know, and what I'm [00:10:00] gonna be doing is I'm gonna be taking seven steps that will help you overcome mediocracy in your health.

That will lead to wealth. I believe our health is part of our wealth. I, I see some people that maybe are wealthy, but they're not, they're not healthy spiritually or mentally or physically, emotionally. Right. And I believe that you'll have better relationships. I believe you'll have better impact. And, and here's what I truly believe.

I believe mediocracy should never be an option. Okay. To be honest with you, I believe it should never be an option. Especially from God's perspective of how he's created us. Right. He even said that we would do greater things than he did. Especially if you know your why, like, why are you doing this? Why, you know, if you're a kingdom entrepreneur and you're doing things that you're doing for forgive, why are you truly doing this?

Right? Are you doing it for God? Are you doing it for family? Are you doing it for those around you and here? And this is what I'm gonna teach. I'm gonna, I'm gonna teach you how to take Medi mediocracy completely off the. That's it completely off the [00:11:00] table in that you can thrive and strive and strive to be all that God's called you to be and be healthy in every area of your life.

[00:11:10] Stacy Zant: Wow. If that alone, doesn't get people excited about the possibilities in their lives. I don't know what will everyone needs and sees hopefully the value of health. But everyone wants wealth. And I love that. You've put those two together and you're helping to equip and teach and instruct in the ways that that is possible because you've lived it.

And we don't wanna just strive for it. We actually want to grab a hold. Of what that means in our own life, what the, what that looks like and can look like. I want you to share about your freebie because linked below is the opportunity for them to access the freebie that you've included. And then also touch a little bit on what you've [00:12:00] included in the power pack for those who've upgraded.

To the V I P all access pass and power pack. So they'll get that premium access and product when they also have opted in and have taken advantage of that particular offer. Tell us about the that's and the power pack.

[00:12:20] Michael Huey: So, so I believe that I'm gonna show you in the freebie a taste of what you're gonna get in the power.

Okay. We always I grew up in the air of the little Rascals I'm showing my age now, Stacy. And they always dangled the carrot. Right. And if, if, if you really wanted the carrot, then you made the effort to get everything that you wanted from it. Right? Like we didn't just eat half the. Right. We, we look at the information and I'm gonna give you things that thousands of people have downloaded in our, our cheat sheet and, and the things that we can, you can use to implement, because I believe the difference between the wisdom and the knowledge that you learn from me is the action that you take and what you're gonna get [00:13:00] in the, in.

If you decide to opt in and get more and, and, and see the bigger picture in the pro pack is you're gonna get access a one month access to my platform. Now I'm just gonna say this boldly and intentional Stacy that we have spent over a quarter of a million dollars inside of this platform, you're gonna get access to health, wealth, nutrition.

You, you will never have to go anywhere else. People pay thousands of dollars to coach with me. I train CEOs of companies, professional athletes, everything that we've put into this packet for a very small fee, you're gonna have that. You're gonna ha not gonna have daily access. Like they do. But you're gonna have access to all of the same things that they have access to.

You're gonna be able to learn from the masterminds that we were a part of and videos and content from those. You're gonna be able to learn from my friend mark, lack who if you've ever flown Delta, you'll see the business rock stars. I did a personal $10,000 V I P day with him where I videotaped everything you're gonna have access to [00:14:00] that.

There's just so much stuff. You're gonna have a lot of a stuff that will help you in your journey at becoming. Better fearless creator, a better fearless health professional, a better fearless wealth professional, and everything that you do will be right inside that and you'll have access to that for a whole month.

So I hope that that gives you guys some excitement and some understanding of the magnitude. I told Stacy that, you know, I, I gave this to one of one of my friends in my mastermind and he ran with it and I went through some, some, some things in my life and. And I drug my feet with it. And I had a financial setback of somebody that we brought into our business, but I knew God kept teaching me and my friend went and built a seven figure business.

Of things that I taught him inside of the platform. And he now has, there were 15,000 people in his platform. Okay. And it's built him a multiple seven figure business, and now I'm launching what I taught him inside of my platform. But mine's just gonna be better than his, so hope

[00:14:54] Stacy Zant: that helps speak, speak power life.

It's going to happen. Yeah. I [00:15:00] love that. Thank you for your generosity, Michael, and you know, being able to figure out a way to get what God has put inside of you, to the masses and making sure that you're always improving so that you can continue to bring the best to those who've been assigned to you.

And so we definitely wanna implore you as you're listening to this. You don't want to delay, you wanna take advantage of the freebie to get a. Right. That particular opportunity with the perfect health cheat sheet, and then you'll have the opportunity to just get a taste of what more you can have access to when you have the V I P power pack, all access and Michael, so generously has given you that one month access, and then he's one of many.

Speakers who've contributed such tremendous value that you are able to run with as you fearlessly [00:16:00] create. And of course, as our theme says, use your gifts. Be fearless and profitable. Michael, I wanna go ahead and have you have your opportunity to share with us. On your topic because I know everyone's excited for it.

And we're just so excited about what God is doing to help those of us who have understanding, have knowledge, package it, to create the strategies and the steps that's going to help them to get there. So over to you.

[00:16:28] Michael Huey: Awesome. Thank you so much. My friend, I'm super excited to be able to share this with you today.

I really. I will say this. Stacy, I put a lot of time and effort into this. When you told me this, I spent a couple hours on I don't usually work on Sundays, but Sunday night I spent a couple hours after eight o'clock right up until my bedtime actually I'm very intentional about my bedtime and I came up with seven impactful strategies to increase your health and well, so you can create and overcome mediocracy.

[00:16:58] Stacy Zant: Wow. Thank you so [00:17:00] much, Michael. That was so rich, empowering, and full of word that we can run with. And for those of you, as you are taking the time to note what specific things you need to take action on. Remember maximize the work. We're gonna make sure to add those points and the document to that workbook that Michael is generously adding.

He just keeps adding to the gifts, right? And we want it to be as simplified and streamlined for you to take action. He said that you said that Michael, over and over again, and while you were presenting another thing, I noticed you are a reader. You not. speak about the fact that you need to make sure that you read and you, you know, learn and you don't remain complacent and be consistent in improving yourself, even with the programs you're involved in [00:18:00] and that you are creating yourself, it's all a part of that process.

And so those quotes, those scriptures, everything we've been fully equipped here today to really recognize the value. In knowing that these are strategies that are impactful and intentional in allowing us to increase our health, our wealth and God never created us to be average. We were meant to soar to be excellent, and to represent him as ambassadors.

The king of Kings and the Lord of Lords. And so I am just so appreciated that if you are in a place where you feel stagnant, as you heard Michael break down for you today, you can, and you will overcome Michael, any last words that you wish to share for live viewers here today and our, our listeners. And then we'll go ahead and and just give our [00:19:00] last call to action for those of you tuning.

[00:19:03] Michael Huey: Awesome. And Stacy, thank you so much. This has been awesome. I I'll say this. I say this all the time. Even when I interview people on my podcast, I just learned a lot. Right? Like if, if, if, if, if you are super encouraged to be a constant learner, then when you learn this stuff, do, like I said, take notes in the book, in the workbook, right.

And take some actionable steps. You know, don't just hear in the scriptures. My grandmother said this don't just be a. Of the word, be a learner and a doer of the word, right? Like learn things and then take action, learn things and then take action. And so I think that you guys have allowed yourself to be a part of something big by being a part of this summit.

But the only thing that will hold you back is the action that you take going forward. So thank you so much for having

[00:19:53] Stacy Zant: me. Thank you, Michael, for saying yes. For sharing your wisdom expertise [00:20:00] and all that you have. In really being able to equip others. And so we just wanna remind you as you're listening, as you're watching and you're tuning in today, make sure to grab the freebie that is at the bottom and link here on this page for Michael.

And then if you did upgrade to the V I P all access power pack, you will have access to all the other premium products, including that amazing one. Access to all the amazing things that you just gotta taste off. Right. And we want you to make sure that you are reminded in this entire experience.

Sometimes you need accountability to take action, right? And we're making sure nothing slips through the crack and you have a host of resources that we've pulled together in provid. For you to let you know, you are incomparable. The gift that is inside of you is incomparable. We [00:21:00] want you to hone that and we want you to be reminded of that.

The unique calling that has been placed in your life, use your gifts, be fearless and profitable until next time. See you all again. Very, very soon.

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