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We have some incredible interviews and resources coming to you live through The Fearless Creator Podcast …

Here is what you can expect as the vision continues to unfold especially through the connections that have taken place as a result of the grant we received from The Fulton County Arts & Culture for The Fearless Creator Artistic Project that has made our Writing Well Workshop Series Possible. 

In addition to the Workshops, Workbooks, Planners, printables and resources provided complimentary to community members, we are engaging our Facebook group members in the conversation and meeting a more in-depth need through our Clubhouse community. 

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As an artist, I am influenced by a variety of factors ranging from culture, faith and the powerful can do attitude-a mindset that values community and collaboration over isolation. I highly value the proverb that “No man is an island, no man stands along” We are our brother's keeper. At a time when people have craved connection, I was able to rally together community through our  live workshop series, podcast and video interviews that is now available on our multi-media channels.

If you desire to be inspired to have a clear vision and to recognize the importance of having a plan and then eventually relinquishing those plans, while realizing experience, encounters and evaluation are vital parts of the whole, when it comes to realizing your dreams and goals, you can check out the Quick Win Episode on planning and getting rid of the overwhelm!

This is such a big part of my Why-The Why. To help you Thrive in your business with the right systems and resources. It all begins with a plan. 

Here Are Three Questions we will explores and answered in that episode:

  1. Why is Vision so important anyway?
  2. How can you create clear vision while on life’s journey?
  3. How do you incorporate experience, encounters and evaluation while in the process of achieving your goals?

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Today I am going to go deeper into one of my very favorite topics! So much so, that it became the core part of one of the programming and guidance I provide in the non-profit I started and in my business.  

The first stop we will make on the journey today is Experience, it really is the best teacher. 


  • My Vision 2020-What is there to say about Vision, better yet, what comes to mind when you hear the word Vision 2020? We made so much out of entering into a new decade and looking back over all the things accomplished over the last decade before looking towards a new decade. 
  • To say the beginning of this new decade has been interesting, is to say the least. I for one have looked at this year, 2020 as a year that has given much pause to think. I was on a path and course that is so completely different from where I am currently headed now, just because we were all forced to stop and think. 

As we are midway through the seventh month and have already passed the year’s mid-hump, as a visionary I have had to evaluate, re-evaluate and ponder my plans, vision and goals moving forward into another season. I think in terms of seasons because I know seasons change and with seasons come new possibilities and new opportunities. Currently, I am working towards just that! New possibilities, New opportunities are in the works! And if you’ve been following me for any period of time, you’ll know there is always something around the corner to share. I love taking each of you along on the journey to show you that the sky really is the limit and the possibilities are endless! 

However, you must have vision, a plan in place and a way to see what it is you want before you take actionable steps to get there. It begins with clarifying and getting to the heart of what it is you really want and taking time each day to look at the path before you and see if the path you are on will help you get there. If you keep your vision in the forefront of your mind, thoughts and plans you are writing out each day, week, month and year then you are taking the necessary first step to do your part. 

Next comes simple, small steps you can take to see that overall vision fulfilled. As a believer, I understand the power of believing it will come to pass if I do not give up or grow weary… 

Let’s explore the importance of Encounters along on your vision journey. 


  • It’s strange to think that just a few months ago I was so busy over the holidays into the new year answering the call to sing, speak and go from set to set with the excitement of networking with entertainment creators and film industry professionals all while building my online business and clientele base to have the complete freedom to wholeheartedly serve no matter where God decides to take me and my family. Alas, all of that excitement would have to come to a pause due to the pandemic and although I am looking forward to sharing more stories with you as you get to know some of my radiant gifted sisters I got to connect with on a deeper level as we worked on some monumental filming projects, I recognize that was only a small part of the big picture plan God had for my life. 
  • Do you look at off the beaten path encounters as a waste of time or divine appointments for what God wants to bring about in your life. I do not believe it is a coincidence you are reading this today or listening to the podcast today. This message is for you to consider, mull over and engrain in your heart, that God does not make mistakes. While you will encounter stumbling blocks and distractions that can take you off the path you need to be on for the season you are in and the place you envision is for you in your future, it can all be used for your good as stepping stones towards greater.
  • Now, everything seems to have gone virtual and that is our present reality. 


  • If you’re like me, you can’t help but think of the next big thing to conquer, the next big step to take to get you closer to realizing the dreams God has placed inside of you. Listen and recognize, there is only so much you can do, and the rest? you need to leave in the Lord’s hands. So, what can you do today? Take out your notebook and begin to journal what you want to see come true over the course of the next year and what steps can you take right now today to prepare for tomorrow. Begin with a plan. 


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So, Here is a Recap of what was discussed in today’s episode:

  • Recognize that experience, encounters and evaluation are vital parts of the whole when it comes to realizing your dreams and goals.
  • Vision is so important to positioning you for your destiny and purpose because you can have a clear concise path you can be confident you should be on to make your dreams a reality. 
  • Create a clear vision for yourself by defining and refining what it is you want along the journey to living a radiant life you love. 
  • Incorporate experience, encounters and evaluation while in the process of achieving your goals by taking the time to write, record and work on you each and every season life brings. Purpose will find you as you take the time to plan. 

Final Call to Actions:

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