Why We Podcast Is Podcasting A Part Of Your Strategy?

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Want to learn Why We Podcast and We You Probably Should Too? Listen to a variety of Podcasters share Why They Podcast and How they have incorporated Podcasting as a Part of Their Strategy. Did you know-Stats from 2020 say there are 850,000 active podcasts listed on iTunes/Apple Podcasts, including content in more than 100 languages! That equals more than 30 million individual podcast episodes! 55% of people in 2021 listen to podcasts, so more people listen to podcasts than those who do not.

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Ninder Johal 0:00
podcasting wasn't something natural for me. But I've learned a lot from it. So I would encourage people to do a podcast because at the end of the journey, a tender process, you will be a much better and much more skilled and a much more learned person. Let me explain. So preparing for podcasts meant that I had to read books, author said, because I cannot interview someone who cannot read the book. So what does that mean? Well, that means my knowledge has grown simply by reading the book. Secondly, by reading the book and preparing, I start to understand how to interview someone. Thirdly, difficult for a lot of people, including me, when you have to listen back, you can improve the way you have a conversation and the way you probe. And, fourthly, if you put all those things together, all those things you haven't done before you've entered a territory that's unknown to you are uncomfortable. So by definition, you will grow to be a better person for the amount of skills you will pick up by doing a podcast is on believable. And finally, I suppose it's a really great way of connecting with some superb talent out there in the world who have a journey and a story to tell and your role is to help them tell it that's been in the jungle. Thanks.

Stacy Zant 1:13
Thank you so much for the great words of wisdom for us to take with us in seeing the beauty and the power in podcasting.Want to learn why we podcast and why you probably should to listen to a variety of podcasters In this episode, share why they podcast and how they have incorporated podcasting as a part of their strategy. Did you know stats from 2020 say there are 850,000 active podcasts listed on iTunes Apple podcasts, including content in more than 100 languages. That equals more than 30 million individual podcast episodes 55% of people in 2021 listen to podcasts, so more people listen to podcasts than those who do not. Get the fearless creator podcast planner and begin strategizing how you can start or restart strong today with your very own podcast. pod feed is real and we don't want to see you fall victim to this state of being especially when podcasting can do so much to enrich your business vision and life. You'll hear all about it from some of the most brilliant minds in the industry. Toby TJ Haley, Jimmy mender, Khadija Pyle, Kelly, Aaron Leann t Rene Richard, just to name a few with more coming to you on this podcast because every week we have conversations and panel discussions with fearless creators, clubhouse and other platforms going live on youtube, and we are just fearlessly creating content together. Utilizing systems and tools just thrive in our businesses, we invite you to watch the video featuring kajabi to complement an easy way to get started with an all in one solution and to maximize your live streaming social media lives that you may be doing to create podcast episodes with the road caster Pro, which is what I'm using today. And we've gone in depth from previous episodes, as well as with our workshop, how this tool has really revolutionized everything. And also to get your episode production and upload ready at the click of a button. For show notes. We do recommend using otter.ai, which is also linked in the show notes of this episode. And I can't wait for you to hear directly from those who are working with this particular platform to see how you are able to simplify, streamline and make it so easy easy peasy for you to be able to maximize all of the content you are creating and to get them out for SEO optimization on your blog and other places so people can find you for the solution that you provide as a fearless creator. So be sure to check out the show notes that is going to be linked in this episode, as well as the blog posts so that you can connect with all of our amazing speakers, their podcasts and the amazing amazing content they are creating consistently as they show up and share their voice and encourage you on why we podcast and no Hello my friends are so delighted that you are here and we just wanted to take the time to discuss today. Why we podcast and we're going to give a lot of you all an opportunity to also share why you podcast or if you are considering to incorporate podcasting as a part of your strategy. And so I just wanted to make sure that you all are aware that we are here to help you as podcasters. And we will take questions after we've gone down the line of sharing why we podcast today, we want to make sure there's no barrier. And there's nothing preventing you from being able to be a part of this incredible way of getting your message out there to the public. And so when it go down the line, and I'm going to make sure that my friends are aware that we're having this space today, and then we will go ahead and go into our shares today. So when to pass on the mic to the next person I see here in line. I'm so excited that Camille Nikki Nicole, you're joining us today. And then of course, a part of our moderator panel today. We have Jamie Kelly, Allie and a few others that will be joining us shortly. Welcome, Joe. So good to have you here with us. You see that recording emoji there. So you'll be able to go back to this particular recording if you need that inspiration to keep podcasting and creating fearlessly and hearing from those who are experiencing and seeing some incredible results as a podcaster consistently going forward in getting their content out and incorporating this particular medium as a part of their strategy. So with that, I want to welcome Allie who's also someone that is a YouTuber, and she has a beautiful podcast, la family entertainment would love for you to share more about you and why you podcast.

Kadizha-Ali Family 6:49
Sure. Thank you so much, Stacy, for inviting me to be part of this panel. My name is Khadija my husband and I have an Instagram page YouTube channel. And we post our bi weekly podcast on YouTube, Spotify and Apple podcasts. And on those platforms, we celebrate all things black love and black excellence. The podcast itself is called Bali family podcast. So we do certainly do podcasts. And the reason why it's a part of our strategy is because it's a great medium to get sort of our values out to other people of like mind or those who are interested in buyer lifestyle and understanding sort of our dynamic. So again, this is Khadija Polly family, aunty Thank you.

Stacy Zant 7:33
Wow, thank you so much, just so excited to hear how it is really enriching your message and what you're called to do and to provide for those who are connected with you. Thank you so much for that Cadiz. Just want to go ahead and have Kelly introduce herself. And she is a believer, wife, a coach and mom. just lovely to see how you're staying consistent as well as a podcast to share about you and why you podcast and how are you operating that as a part of your strategy says,

Kellee Williams 8:08
Hello, everybody. My name is Kelly Williams and I'm actually a lifestyle management coach. So I fell into podcasting to how content for people who were unsure if they wanted to work with me or not. So I wanted to have a way for people to hear the content I was able to provide and the value that I can offer them as a coach and kind of just hold that information and be able to refer some of my podcast episodes to them if they had specific questions, and it's now become part of my strategy. I am on hiatus currently, but I've got several episodes in the hopper that I will be ready to release in July or what I am now calling season two. I absolutely love it. It's called the ticker life podcast. It's for women in business and but most definitely incorporate bass in there. Yes, I definitely incorporate bass. But yes, podcasting is most definitely a part of the strategy. And I'm glad I fell into it. I'm telling I'm complete for now.

Stacy Zant 9:07
Yay, Kelly. So awesome. I love that you're so intentional about setting aside time with all that you have on your plate. Do you see the value in bringing information as well as of course, being able to make sure your clients those who you're serving even in the coaching space will be able to learn more from you and get to like know and trust you so incredible. Thank you for being a part of our panel today. And we want to welcome Jamie so glad to have you Jimmy with us. And I know you are an incredible producer, a podcast host as well and mompreneur. I'd love for you to share with everyone here today about you and why is it that you podcast and how are you incorporating that as a part of your strategy?

Jaime Legagneur 9:54
Hi, Stacy. Hello. All, rest of the panel, everyone on stage everyone in the room Hello. Hello. I'm producer Jimmy. And basically, I didn't realize this until yesterday. But with you know that today is my business's seven year anniversary. So Happy Birthday Flintstone media. So I've been doing this long, and let's see here. So I am the owner and founder of afford a podcast network. I'm the manager, the hosting network. I'm also the was the Launch Director for the wedding biz network. I have my own podcast called business in the bedroom. And the reason why it's a business podcast, not a podcastis it's for those for the person who is building a business from their bedroom. And so what I'm using it for right now is a completely solo podcast, and I feel so much more full circle. When I first started as a podcaster. It was to break myself out of a cubicle and build a business. And so I was learning a lot for last seven years. And now well, for the last six years now, in the last maybe year, I've been in much more of a teaching mode and really been pouring out everything that I've been absorbing. So that was what that show purpose is is for me to help other people find their freedom, through podcasting, whatever business they're doing, my tips gonna fly. And so that's what I'm using my podcast for right now is just to help other people find the joy that I did. So thank you so much. And also because now I have a full fledged coaching program. So it does. Thank you so much. That is my son opening a package in the background. I don't know if you guys can hear that. Great to be a part of the room Thank you

Stacy Zant 11:36
We just celebrate you today. Oh my gosh, they're amazing that you're celebrating seven years. I think that's such a great testimony to the fact that this is a long game, and you're in it hopefully for the long haul. And you see the results you see the impact that is possible. When you podcast when you keep creating content, you keep serving and keep showing up and you keep providing the value that your people your call to needs and you are reaching them with your voice how absolutely incredible I just love all of our panelists, their upbeat voices and personal you can tell their passion from what they do. And we wanted to really be able to share that with each of you today who are considering to launch a podcast or if you're considering whether to keep going with your podcast. This is your inspiration hour so that you will be able to find what you need. Whether it's a resource whether you have a question, we're hosting this through the fearless creator club today. And if you want to stay involved and connected to ways and conversations that you can keep fearlessly creating then you would definitely want to join the Club by hitting that green little mansion there above our heads and making sure that you if you identify as a fearless creator, you will be able to tap into the rooms and the conversations we have week after week. So this is our Wednesday room why we podcast How is podcasting a part of your strategy so we can learn from each other we can grow and be encouraged by each other as podcasters and then we have our Friday room that we do with fellow YouTubers as to why his podcast was YouTubing a part of your strategy and why it should be so we're so excited you're here Sean, Nikki Nicole, Danny and Michelle Camille, Saturday Connie Socratic are so blessed and honored that you're here in the listening lounge joining us and if you ever have a question, or you simply wish to add your voice to this conversation so we can know why you podcasts and how is podcasting a part of your strategy. We do want to invite you to come up and share that value with us. And then we have on the stage. We have alley family which is Khadija Kelly Jeremy Kyle. It's so good to have you join us up here brother and Aaron. So we're gonna go over to our brother Aaron, welcome Aaron creator, co host of the wet down podcast and owner of the wet down media. So good to have you join us on the stage today. We'd love to learn why do you podcast and how is podcasting a part of your strategy?

Aaron Machado 14:14
Hi! thank you. So yeah, my strategy for it. And the reason I do it is COVID there's really no better way to say it like COVID was just terrible. My mental capacity and my self esteem and just everything about the way I was living my life. I wasn't happy. I couldn't find out. I was stuck in my home like most like many of us were We were stuck. And I call it a pause. I like to tell everybody it was a pause or a blip because it really was like just kind of was all on hold for everybody. And then it kind of went back but while it was on hold for me, my mind never stopped moving. And the problem with that was, you know when your mind can run the way mine was running it needed to find an outlet. So what I decided to do was I sat with some friends I had always said I wanted to figure out Way to make a podcast or do this, I didn't realize how easy it was. And then I found that it was as easy as it is that Google showed me. everything I needed to do to make it completely simple. So I went from being the forced extrovert to an introvert back to being a forced extrovert. I like to be out, I like to talk to people. But a lot of the times, I want to hear other people's stories, I had a good sales career, I had a very large sales career. And it was fun. It was lucrative, I did what I needed to do. But I met so many cool, interesting people in the interview process of buying a car that I was like, how can I do this, and it kind of just morphed into that my platform now my podcasts, you come on there, and anybody can tell a story. I don't care what kind of person you are, as long as you're a good person. And you just tell your story. I mean, I feel like every person I've ever interacted with Kyle has been on my show. We've talked, I was lucky enough to meet him. When I first started out on clubhouse back in January. It's been one of those like, we've all kind of grown together, we all want to come up together, I've noticed that every podcaster is really, really hungry to help others grow and share success, share secrets. So I mean, as far as strategy, I just show up every week, I push a new episode out as often as I can. And I want people to realize that, you know, that there's actual realness to it all. So this is Aaron and I'm complete.

Stacy Zant 16:25
Yes, Certainly love it Aaron. And I love the fact that you pointed out, you took advantage of this time that everyone may have been bored and wondering what it is that they can do to really fulfill maybe this longing during the time that was so difficult for so many new connected with so many others with this vision you have with your podcast, and I love hearing that you're connected to Kyle. I know him from Christian podcasters Connect. And I'm just so grateful when I hear all of these incredible connections that are going deeper as a result of podcasting. I had to leave the room quickly for a moment because I was stuck on a phone call. And I'd never gotten a phone call. So I definitely realized that there is some glitch going on right now with the app. But thank you all for your grace. And for being a part of this room. today. We want to welcome Sylvia who has just joined us Nikki who just joined us up on the stage and Kyle so good to see that you're back brother and that because of your connection with Aaron. He is here sharing his incredible voice with us today. And we'd love to hear from you as a Champions coach, a leadership expert and podcaster for you to share. Why do you podcast and how is podcasting a part of your strategy?

Kyle Sullivan 17:41
Yeah, absolutely. Stacey. And I'm already anticipating hope I said enough to get the crowd clapping sound effects. That's amazing. But no podcasting is under the umbrella of stuff. clubhouses made me do. I got like in December, and I was in a room, a bunch of like, find the gas, the gas, but I'm like, I think I could do that. Six weeks later, I launched the podcast, I had no clue really what my strategy was gonna be. But I think Kelly it said it. As a coach, I wanted to be able to put out content that allowed people to get a window into what I did, because I was a pastor for 11 years. Lead 1000s of people did hundreds of talks. But none of it was recorded. None of that was out there it so going back to my notes and doing the podcast was really twofold one for people to get a window into what I could bring to them and dissolve our values that way. But that also being able to interview amazing people completely selfishly, so I can learn from them and others learn from them as well. Fantastic. But it was all selfish for me of like, I just want to glean the wisdom of people that I love that we live in a day and age that we could be so connected on things like this thing through podcasting. When I mean 10 1520 years ago, this was not an option. And so I love it. I love being in here I cosign everything Aaron said, I know I was on a phone call. But whatever he said, yesterday, man, this call and I'm done speaking for now.

Stacy Zant 19:15
You know I have to bring in that pot for you because you pointed it out and Love it. Love it, Kyle. So amazing. I think even before I myself started podcasting, and this may be the case for a lot of you who are considering to podcast or if you are podcasting today, Kelly brought it up and then Kyle, you reiterated it. I've listened to podcasts from coaches and I hear their sessions and I'm like, wow, this is incredible. I'm getting so much value from the session that they had with someone else and then it really does enticed me and encouraged me and inspire me to want to reach out to them. If I have my specific problem and need. I know that they're the one to go to because they're providing such great feedback and value and I hear the transformation, the transformation that is happening and that is deposited over the airwaves, there's nothing like it. And I am still trying to figure out how I can get my recordings because I have some zoom recordings. I've always been recording stuff. And you know, for those of us who are podcasters, we're still trying to figure out if we already have our regular programming, how can we interject some of these sessions that we know are going to bless people who are connected with us who are listeners or subscribers? And how can we make the most maybe it does mean you up your content three times a week. And sometimes it's the drudgery of editing. But if you have a tool like the road caster Pro, which is what I'm using today for all of my special effects. Yes, yes, then it makes it possible for you to be able at a click of a button, get that recording over on your host. And then you will be able to have those who are tuning in exercise grace, if it's not perfect, because they know that you recorded it live and you just had them in you allowed them to be a part of the experience. You didn't do all this fancy stuff of editing and what really matters right is the actual content and how it's changing their lives. So I absolutely love that. Kelly, do you want to respond as he Jamie you were flashing as well when it gives you guys some opportunities to respond as we go down the line and have some more shares because Leanne has joined us up here so we can't wait to hear from her and Nikki has joined us as well, fellow podcasters. And Haley welcome Haley. So glad you could join us she was on mum duty and I'm so grateful that she is able to come in and share why she also podcast and then to the room. We want to welcome Jasmine, Lynette dra Dori, Johnny, Wesley, and Victoria. Thank you for joining us in the listening lounge today. And if at any point you would wish to join the conversation and share with us why you podcast and how podcasting is a part of your strategy. Please do Raise your hands and join us and then please do connect with the club the fearless creator for more incredible conversations that we host throughout the week pertaining to podcasting YouTubing and just fearlessly creating content. Alright, so with that we're going to go over any of our moderators would like to chime in in any of the chairs so far, just go ahead and do some slow taps. And I'll make sure to get to you go ahead, Jamie.

Jaime Legagneur 22:31
Hey, I just I really resonated with what Kyle was saying in terms of like, why he started and the joy that he's getting just talking to these people that he can glean all this great information from that is why I started by first show. I had a question I wanted answered. I wanted to understand how do people do what they love for a living? I've been 15 years as a data analyst, I felt stuck. And I wanted to answer that question. And so I thought, Well, why don't I ask a whole bunch of people who have done that, and get all that. And then I started a podcast to share that their answers with everybody and then fell in love with it. So it ended up becoming the thing that I want to do. But lo and behold, but for you, Kyle, I'm so excited to see where this is gonna unfold for you. Because it's really amazing when you just go out there saying I want to speak and learn. And I'm open. Oh, my goodness. I'm excited for you for these next few years. Kyle, way to go.

Stacy Zant 23:26
So So Awesome. Yes, thank you for pouring in. Thank you for the incredible share. today. I want to go ahead and have Leanne who joined us up here and she is doing some incredible things and helping others to grow bigger influence. She's also a global podcast host of bu full mind. So I'd love for you to share. I hope I didn't butcher that, Leanne, but I'd love for you to share why you podcast and how is podcasting a part of your strategy? Hey, everyone, how's it going? Can you hear me? Okay? Yes, you can.

Leanne Villani 24:02
Beautiful, thank you so much for having the space, really appreciate it. And podcasting started like three years ago for me. And I didn't have a plan, just like many of us didn't. And it kind of just started speaking with Xbox headphones I stole from my twin brother in college. And my goal was just to share my story and inspire one person. And it turned out that I ended up making eight seasons and going on to 87 episodes. And it happened by accident. But what happened was is this was the thing. what needed to be the big thing was my vulnerability and my truth that I spoke. And I was doing it for myself. Because I felt like nobody was listening. And I needed to get my voice out and I remember my therapist, that's Vbn Why do you think you got to get there? Why do you think you started? I said, I don't know Fred, she was cuz you want to be heard. So I just think it's an outlet to really, truly monetize your voice but also just help other people worldwide. It's a crazy thing because I remember sitting in my college dorm Not even knowing anything about podcasting. And I remember it saying, in a Google article, like I literally didn't do any research except this and it said, The podcasting industry is going to grow. And this isn't 2018. And I was like, Whoa, when I get myself into. So if there's anything I want to say is where I'm at my journey. Now, I just bought a brand new media company called Omni content media. And it's where people that want to take their causes to the next level, because we have all these pieces. And the biggest thing that happens is, we try to recreate the wheel with our content. So I launched this accelerator program to repurpose your content and target a wider range audience. So if you guys want to get access to that, let me help you out. Because it's a game changer. Why recreate the wheel. So it's really part of your strategy, leverage. And you guys are all amazing people. God bless!

Stacy Zant 25:46
Thank you so much, give you a round of applause. That is so graceful of you today to want to bless and enrich the lives of others with repurposing their content. And just so excited that you're using your voice to help others to build their influence, and not get overwhelmed by all of the noise and all the things that you have to accomplish and to do time and time again, as a podcaster. You can repurpose, and we absolutely love that. With that chair, please do tap into Leanne, and if that's something that would help you on your journey. And for those of you new to us in the room here, we want to invite you to connect with the fearless creator club on Friday, we have the room that discusses his YouTube a part of your strategy and why it should be and so even this episode that we're recording right now live discussing why we podcast to encourage each other. This is about the fifth week that I've been hosting this room. And we just always love to hear the shares and even questions that others have when they're considering to launch their podcast. And so if you want a checklist to see how you can quickly get started, just simply DM me checklist. And I know all of our moderators here have a host of resources. So do check out their bios, these are my friends I've invited them to share today. And they're such a blessing and they're so consistent, the epitome of the fearless creator. So if you need help, these are the people to go to and those who you've heard, add their voice to the conversation here on the stage. If they resonated with you, please do connect with them and go over into their DMS, follow over on Instagram. We just love the conversations that blossom and flourish as a result of us connecting here on clubhouse. So with that I want to go to Haley Haley is a fellow moderator here today. And she was on as I mentioned earlier on mum duty here over the summer. And I'm just so delighted she's been able to set aside time to join us here. She is a co author podcaster Cairo planner and club pod leader as well. And she shares about how you can start and build a podcast. So we're so blessed to have her joining the conversation. We'd love for you Haley to share why do you podcast and how was podcasting a part of your strategy?

Haley Day 28:09
Sure. So my Thank you for having me in the room. And for that wonderful introduction. It's nice to be with some fellow podcasters or want to be podcasters because I love podcasting. podcasting was actually my husband's idea. So we're both chiropractors, we started a practice in Colorado, but then moved about five years after starting the practice. And when we moved, we were kind of starting over and redoing things and building on what we had. And my husband wanted to start a podcast, I honestly had never listened to one. And I thought okay, and so he started a podcast to meet influential other chiropractors that were kind of authorities in the area, and then also just business and marketing professionals so that we could get that information to fellow chiropractors and also kind of teach the ways that we had started and built our practice because we had built a successful practice in a few years. And we're able to do it in kind of a unique way compared to other chiropractors. And so, our podcast was this year, all those elements. And actually my husband, he started the podcast on the day that we had our third daughter. And so that's primarily why I wasn't really a part of it. But I really was interested in it and loved to see how he grew it. He had it every day, five days a week for probably the first five months and so we really got a really good traction in the beginning. And then we have taken break cents and I've taken over more of it as our girls have grown. And and I've gotten more into it and had more of a vision for what we were doing. And I had more time to work on it. And so it just ended up falling kind of in my lap over the last few years. And I really love it, but it started a whole new business for us. So once we started podcasts, we decided to write a book and it's a planner for chiropractors. And then we started a membership and some online courses. And so really, it was a whole start of a whole new business for us, so that we could help other chiropractors start build successful practices similar to the way that we had done it. And then when I got on to clubhouse, I was really excited to talk to people. And I'm an extrovert and with COVID, and everything, and I went into a lot of club pod rooms, and got to know that people and just learned so much and felt like I had something to add to people that were coming in and having questions, but it's pretty much what we've done, you know, use a podcast to build your brand and build a whole new business, or how can you add a podcast to what you're already doing to kind of make it more robust? How can it work for you, and what's the best way to do that. And so, I just love answering questions and helping out when I can. And I honestly truly believe I don't know if my husband even believes that. But the podcast is the sole reason that we've been able to do what we've done. It really helps people understand who we are our hearts, the heart that we have for helping and supporting other chiropractors, and really the why behind everything that we do and how they can do it. They may not buy anything from us. But a lot of people still gain a lot of knowledge from the information that we share. And I think it helps them feel better. I talked to kids even before they enter school. So before they start to build a relationship with us before school, then really follow along while they're in school. And then they feel like if they feel really resonates with us, and let us help them succeed in practice. But I think that without the podcast, it would be really hard to develop that relationship, and also to develop the content that we've created to help them because we're getting a lot of feedback, we're building these relationships and talking to them, and getting to know where they're getting stuck, and where they need extra help. And so that's helped us create the content that's in the membership, and then the courses. So I hope that's helpful. And if anyone has questions specific to that, then I'm happy to jump in and help. So thanks again, Stacy, for having this, this room for us all to connect.

Stacy Zant 32:16
Thank you, Haley. So incredible, I think you brought so much food for thought to us today. We were speaking earlier, Kelly and Kyle talked about the value of having a podcast as a coach and being able to share in those winning sessions that have really been impactful. And now you brought in as a person who is a professional who has another business, and just being able to provide value and have others connect with you. And I've so resonated with that. Because I've worked with other professionals and have booked to their services as a result of them having a podcast and hearing so much having maybe a lot to choose from a lot of us have so many options out there on the World Wide Web since things are going virtually, and even more so at this time. And this you know, time of living. And so you have so much to choose from and pick of the litter. And sometimes the deciding factor is just knowing that you can hear their voice and you've been able to receive so much value from them through the podcast that they have as well. And that becomes that deciding factor because of that trust. And for all of you here who are podcasters, don't you think podcasting also leads to a suite of other products and offerings and ideas and creativity? Because podcasting kind of just opens up your world and your ideas and your perspective, as you are developing yourself personally so that you can develop others. I saw Kelly clap and Aaron, do you want to add any thoughts to that before we go over to T Rene, thank you for joining us, mender thank you for joining us, as well as Toby, we're so glad you're here and we can't wait to hear from you. any of our moderators want to say anything more about that before we move on. Go ahead, Kelly.

Kellee Williams 34:08
Yeah, so like I said, I fell into my podcast it was everyone said I should have had one for years I never did and what just happened but it has really helped me in my coaching business. And it's also helped me gain more speaking engagements. So I'm able to put myself out there more talk more about the book that I've already written and talk about my coaching program and it just gets it gets me talking about things I like talking about and that anything that I've been through that can be used to inspire someone else to do better or push forward or keep it moving. So podcasting has definitely been a benefit in my life. It's really really been a very fun, well worth it experience and it has not ever stressed me out. So yeah, I'm complete for now.

Stacy Zant 34:57
Yes, yes, yes. Absolutely love it. All right, so we are going to go to tea, Rene, we're so glad you're here, I see that you're a child of God prayer warrior. Welcome. She's the host of the talk with tRNA Mathis and a producer as well as an actress and entrepreneur, so amazing. You're the epitome of the fearless creator. Because we're hosting this through the fearless creator club today do touch that green little mansion. And make sure to join us as we bring more conversations like this to you going forward. Welcome t Renee share about you and how was podcasting a part of your strategy?

Podcaster Guest T-Renee 35:34
Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you for bringing me up. Yes, my name is keeping matches. I'm currently in Trader Joe's in New York City. So you know, if you hear a lot of noise, that is what it is. But just like I believe Kelly said, I just have to say, and I started based in New York City, and I'm an active private Foster. And I've interviewed a lot of people. And that's how that's where that is leading. You know, it's fine to my face is very important. I'm just trying to have the combination of what I do this day, which overrides everything, my love for God, like also talking about current events, talking with celebrities, and just talking about anything and everything that means word in entrepreneurship and things of that nature. Working with special needs is no vision for low vision with mobility with respect to walking with a cane, and I also sell CBD oil on a CBD distributor. So these are the things that I want to try and kind of like a kitchen, kind of what Oprah created where you can talk about anything. So these are the things that these are the ideas of pumping through my head. So I'm just happy to just listen, right, I'm taking notes, I took a screenshot of everybody. So I can go back and read everybody's bio. And I want to learn more about Haley, not a chiropractor, like he's an expert at doing within a management pie. I have a lot of respect for moms, because moms are just amazing. They just can't organize themselves like no other. So I'm just grateful to be here. And thanks so much.

Stacy Zant 37:03
Thank you, we're so delighted that you found us and you came up and share your beautiful voice and your mission. I think that's the beauty in having production or a podcast that is your name, you know, it's your talk show. And Oprah did it. So many others are doing that. Or you can really speak about things that are affect you and that is of value to you, and those who are drawn to you even as a brand. So really appreciate you sharing your heart with us and the work that you're doing. We always love hearing and the different perspectives of how you're incorporating podcasting as a part of your strategy. And we can learn together why we should keep podcasting why we do it and so, so blessed by that. Thank you and we look forward to hearing more from you as we keep going forward with our rooms and our shares as fearless creators. Welcome Indore. We're so glad that you have joined us up on the stage. My brother TJ also joined us moments ago, we hosted engagement room consistently over on Christian podcasters Connect as admins there for quite a while and he's just such a blessing. So I definitely wanted to give him a shout out and we'll hear from him shortly. But ninda we're just so delighted that you've been waiting patiently and we just appreciate you we see that you are a business influencer. That is yes you are that and you have the business influencer magazine, and you're an entrepreneur just doing absolutely incredible things as a fearless creator. We'd love to hear why do you podcast or are you considering to podcast? How was podcasting a part of your strategy?

Ninder Johal 38:42
Yeah, it's interesting. So up till COVID March 2020. I run an event production business. So we do big events 600 Plus, for entrepreneurs, blackfire events. And of course, on the evening, we normally introduce a really significant business influencer, who then talks to the audience, and then we give awards. And so it's a pretty action packed evening. And I've been looking at podcasts in the background thinking, that's interesting. But at that point, I had made the connection between my events production and why I would want to do a podcast. I'm not a coach. I'm not a speaker, although I do speak about events. I don't sell courses. I have nothing to sell. So I was enjoying other people's podcasts. So Financial Times podcast in the morning in the business podcast in the morning. So find a podcast but I didn't see a rationale for me doing it. And of course COVID came in that event came to a stop at that point as well. What I do have now is plenty of time. So maybe this is the time to buy the equipment for the podcast, I started buying equipment. The challenge then was and at the same time we thought about podcasting great for in the short term. We're not going to make any money. What can we do to sustain us? While the events business will shock? So that's what we came up with the magazine. And the magazine was called business influencer. So we set the magazine up during COVID. And of course, we already had a ready made audience from our events, about 60,000, across emails on social media. So we started the magazine quite quickly, the podcasts will then pop to the side. And we've launched a magazine. And once the magazine started to get traction, we revisited the podcast. And I thought, well, there's no better way to build an ecosystem than to bring the podcasting on the same name as the magazine. And so that's where the podcast is born. So what we do now is anybody we interview for the podcast, we then ask them to write an article, but you're not going to be an expert, or we transcribed so one of my people transcribed interview between me and this person limited, and then that becomes material for our magazine. And secondly, after building the library, we've only done about 20 verses build up a library of autism, we're then going to repurpose them, make promotional videos, and use snippets, to guide people on their entrepreneurial journey. So we do have a long term strategy in terms of turning ourselves like gradually into a sort of a media company, which means now, if people want to understand how business works, they can listen to the podcast, they can read the magazine digitally or buy a physical magazine. And if they want to learn from people physically, they can now come to the events. So we've now taken care of all the human senses, you can listen to the podcast, you can watch the podcast, you can read, which is a magazine, you can read digitally, which is the magazine. But if you want to meet in person, then you come to our events. So the whole ecosystem takes into account the human senses. That ambition is to build an ecosystem where people can touch out brand new events with a podcast with a magazine. So it's part of an overall brand strategy.

Stacy Zant 42:01
Wow. Wow. Ninder, thank you so much for breaking that down to us how you can really make the most of a podcast and incorporating that as a part of your strategy. I mean, absolutely incredible that you took advantage of this time to see how you can maximize and repurpose what you were already doing and make it into a podcast as well. Why not? I mean, so many of us, I'm sure our minds are reeling with ideas as to how we can go deeper with how we are utilizing our podcast to build our brand, build our business and reach even further with a message and the interviews that we are already utilizing for our businesses. So amazing. I want to quickly welcome a few people that I've seen, just join us here need my brother, so good to have you join us up on the stage Ninja, if you want to hang out for a while I'm gonna also make you a part of our team here and panel because I'm just so appreciative as well as Aaron, I did hear you give some incredible feedback. And I feel like I need to make most of you here you guys have been so incredible sharing how you're incorporating podcasting as a part of your strategy. And it's such a blessing to us to hear. And we're looking forward to hearing from Toby as well. And you're no stranger to us. I love how you've incorporated live streaming, which is something we speak about a lot in here and that we're doing even right now as an example. We are live streaming this on clubhouse we're recording this so that you will be able to re listen if you need that inspiration and hear the stories of others who are podcasting and why they do it. Sometimes we just need that reminder when it gets difficult. And we remember this is a long haul game. And I just want to encourage you if you're new to us, we bring rooms like this to you every week. This is about our fifth week doing a podcasting room as to if it's a part of your strategy and why it should be. But we titled this one why we podcast because most of us here who are invited my friends are invited here to share why they podcast and to inspire others who are fearlessly creating and other forums and they may not yet have a podcast. And they need to consider why they should incorporate podcasts as a part of their strategy. And then there are those of us who do have podcast and we're still grappling with the idea whether we should continue if we're not seeing the results right away. But eventually if you just keep at it, if you just remain consistent and you surround yourself with the right people, you will come to see the value and the advantage of having a podcast and incorporating it in your strategy. We're so excited when we always hear that so I want to thank Sean Danny Johnny joy Darrell, RJ Michelle brew Ben Lindsey, Brian meal Saturday Toria Michelle, Rachel nuttige for being a part of the listening lounge today, and we're just so blessed by your presence and you taking in what we have to share and receiving whatever it is that you are to receive in this room in this space. Today, we're here to support you to encourage you to answer questions if you have them. If you're in a place you're not able to speak, feel free to send a DM and we'll try to address that while we're here live and recording so that it will benefit the entire room. And later, it's going to go on the fearless creator podcast so that you will have that opportunity to hear about these voices and to connect with these individuals. If you've been a part of the conversation today, please do DM me record so that I can link out to your podcast as a podcaster. And that will be another way of us collaborating and linking arms together to get your message and your podcast further out there as a fearless creator, then I want to thank Tracy for joining us up on the stage. And we haven't heard yet from me or TJ or Toby. So we're going to keep going down the line. And at any point if any of our moderators want to add or pour into anyone's cup, please do slow tap your mic, and I'll keep a lookout so you'll be able to add your conversation to the mix. Toby my brother, thanks for joining us. We'd love to hear from you. Why do you podcast and how is podcasting a part of your strategy.

Toby Younis 46:28
Stacy, see my lovely sister, thank you very much for the invitation to come up and speak. You know, because you said it earlier that we'll isolate podcasting from live streaming, we have a mechanism that enables us a to live stream be to turn it into a podcast, see to turn it into a blog post. And then the to generate all kinds of other content from the same live stream that enables us to increase the size and dimensions of our presence on social media, which is what we expect our clients to do as well. I do want to make one caveat. And the caveat is in every cloud, there is a silver lining. And in the cloud of the pandemic, there is the silver lining of an inflection point. And that inflection point was the manner in which we as humans communicate with one another. And it's going to have the same impact, as did the telephone. Although it took much longer as usual technology has faded, the rapidity with which we accept changes. So it took 30 almost 40 years for the telephone to become widespread enough that it started being used as a tool for people to communicate, especially business people. Well, what the pandemic has wrought aside from all the negativity is the willingness for people to try new forms of communication. And that new form of communication is all internet based, whether it's a video conference or something like clubhouse, where it is effectively an audio conference, all of that is going to impact the manner in which most small business people will have to rethink their marketing strategies. And the reason is, like most of you, like many of you, I don't leave my house to shop anymore. I get most of my big goods from Amazon, I get most of my groceries from Walmart, they're delivered to my door. And it's just a new way of looking at things. I weekly communicate with members of my family. In a setup program where we on Sunday afternoons, we talk with one another, I communicate with all my clients via video communications. And now they're starting to realize that they need to reach out to this community who they may never see face to face. And so what things like live streaming and podcasting enable you to do is acquire the knowledge to reach out to your clients who are kind of expecting to operate in that same way. Now, I'm not suggesting that you have to give up on sales. But for every small business that needs to reach out to clients, because clients are using Amazon and Walmart, but they still need to sell products and services, live streaming, and podcasting provides you an easy to access way to reach your clients. Now, I know there are also folks out there that use live streaming and podcasting as a primary source of income. I can't claim we do that last year, I think we generated around $17,000 in advertising from our YouTube channel, which is not enough to sustain a partnership. I mean, it's good pin money and there's vacations can be made out of it. We use live streaming and podcasting not as our primary source of income, but as a way to build the dimensions as I said earlier, of our social media platform, so that we can acquire clients to bring them into our folk because at the moment we have clients Running, they're producing their shows for them. And we have never met them face to face, we meet weekly to host their programs so that they can have their guests on. But we've never met them face to face. That's the new model. So one thing that remains in place in order to build a business, you have to first acquire visibility, then credibility, then trust, then transformation. And now, you have to do that, without me ever having met face to face with your clients? How do you do that the tools available to you include zero cost to live streaming, I can stream to YouTube, via stream yard, or any of the other live streaming tools for free. They'll both give me free time. Now, as someone suggested earlier, if it's free, to me, that means I'm their customer. And YouTube uses my shows for their advertising. So in that respect I am, the more content I produce. The more people watch my content, the more money YouTube makes. But it generates content that I can repurpose in a variety of ways. And that I can use to get new clients for my creative campaign framework for my classes, and eventually to become customers of our studio. So I do want to mention that we target market to 50 plus demographic, but we refer to them as encore entrepreneurs, people like me, who have gone on in life to do something other than what they did in their first career. And we invite them to come and speak on our messages and methods channel. We do have three YouTube channels. We live stream every week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. But again, this is a great opportunity for those of us who are willing to take advantage of this inflection point. We're very fortunate to have lived during this time. And I'm 72 so I've lived through a lot of these. But this is a very special time for people who are willing to explore and experiment with these new and wonderful technologies. Stacey, thank you very much for inviting me up to speak. My name is Toby Eunice, and I'm done for the day.

Stacy Zant 52:14
Toby, Toby Toby,I want to give that round of applause for Toby mender. t Renee. Haley, everyone, rickety hear those of you who just shared absolutely incredible, I feel like we've gotten so much that we hopefully have taken note off. If we have not, do not worry, do not fear the fearless creator is here. So we are going to have this recorded session for you guys to be able to listen back to because we've gotten so much gems that you were able to apply to your actual strategy, your business, your brand. And we've heard so much. And I always love to give any of our moderators an opportunity if they want to add to what has been shared for you to be able to do that I got so excited with my sound effects that I didn't realize I was still on mute. So you've got to love it. The live streaming experience here just being able to pour in is what really makes such a big difference here as fearless creators trying to figure out how we can keep growing and fearlessly creating and doing what we love. One of the things Toby mentioned was actually not only podcasting, but YouTubing. And so we do host the YouTubing room if YouTube is a part of your strategy and white should be every single Friday, we walk away with new friends with individuals who are earning full time income passive income through their YouTube channel. And there's no reason why if you're podcasting that you shouldn't incorporate YouTubing as a part of your strategy as well, since you're doing interviews, and even with this particular live streaming that we're doing, I am recording a video in addition to the audio and even though you can only see myself on the video, maybe at one point, we'll get all of our podcasting friends on zoom. And then we can have some faces to go with the audio. But don't let that prevent you from trying and creating content and putting that out there and seeing where it lands and who it affects because there are some people who learn better auditory wise. And so podcasting is their choice and platform for connecting with you and your message and your vision and your mission. But for others who are visual learners, they need to see your YouTube video and you sharing your knowledge there on the screen. And so why not tap into that ninja pointed out a little bit more about that even with his magazine and some people need to read. So if you have a blog or you have an actual magazine or an article, whether it's printed or it's virtual, that is a way that you can connect with those who love to read and one of the things What I heard and that I've been doing myself is that I give my guests an opportunity to also guest post. And so if they do guest post, then my audience warms up to them in advance, I send out a weekly newsletter, a biweekly newsletter, but based on whether you're a membership in my community, I have two levels of membership. And then I will send over to them an article that is of high value to my audience. And then they come to know the person that I'm going to be introducing on my podcast episode, then they get to like them, they get to trust them. And then now they want to go over and connect with them. So they're not only connecting with me, but it's a win win. When you have a podcast and you bring others into your stratosphere, into your environment into your platform, you're both collaborating, and you go so much further together than apart. And so that is what I've seen about the beauty of podcasting. I'm sure most of us can testify to this. And so we're just so blessed to hear each of you share how you're incorporating podcasting as a part of your strategy. So with that, I want to welcome TJ my brother, you are also a podcast are doing live streaming and YouTubing as well. Always building up engagement even outside of clubhouse. I'd love to hear from you today. Why do you podcast and how is podcasting a part of your strategy?

TJ McKnight 56:22
Hey, Stacy, I know it's been a while but Hello, and welcome everyone. And yeah, I podcast and I'm actually preparing to do an episode today. I'm interviewing Elizabeth wanting co founder of the change movement change. Once gay, she was identified as a lesbian. Well as a lesbian. Now, she identifies as a Christian, true believer in Jesus Christ. She is one of the pastors out at Bethel Church in Redding, California. So I'm excited about this episode. Obviously, it is a surprise episode because we actually just wrapped up our season two of our podcast and the new my podcast is called run faith. It is all about promoting and displaying unity in the body of Christ, according to our shared faith in Jesus Christ. And yeah, this season has actually been great. A lot of highs, and a few lows. But, you know, one reason why podcasting fits into my strategy is because one faith is a ministry that God had placed on my heart. It's definitely something that is a vehicle to drive change and to encourage unity in the world today, you know, we see a lot of diversity in so many different aspects and even in the church, their diversity, that I feel that you know, it's not godlike. But one of the factors of one face is to champion that change to champion that growth, and that hunger and that desire, that we all be wrong. According to john chapter 17, verse 23, as Christ mandate, he want us all to be one. And so that's what this is all about. And yes, like Stacy says, I incorporate YouTube, I incorporate podcasting, all of that to get the word out, to get the push the gospel and to just let people know that, you know, yes, we are all unique. Yes, we are all different. Yes, we are all have our own different human skills and talents, and whatever it is that we bring to the body of Christ. But just understand that we're all together as one, one body, we all make up one complete body of Christ. Yeah, that's what this is all about. So yes, Stacy, thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak. I know it's been a minute. I literally took a step back from clubhouse just really focused on some of the podcasting stuff and some additional spiritual stuff. I am a licensed and ordained elder minister. So a lot of a lot of stuff kind of hit at once. And so, but I'm grateful to be back on this app, and to join into more conversations. And so I can't wait for Friday. Why do you incorporate YouTube in your strategy, and I'm always getting to get more information. As far as how to build your brand, how to build your audience in YouTube. I feel like it is still one of those markets that you can really be effective in just like how podcasting can be as effective. But there's a ton of podcasting guys, a ton of YouTubers, there's a ton of content creators out here, but I truly believe that everybody has something within them that makes their gift or their podcast or content creation, unique and that's specific to who you are. And so yeah, thank you say, See, I'm done speaking. What's the new lingo? Now I know, before it was like months ago, he was saying, I am complete or something else but I'm just started speaking.

Stacy Zant 59:40
Yes, it's whatever you decided to be brother. I love Love, love that. I think it's so incredible for all of us who are here to tap into the podcasts that are each of our moderators, and those here on the stage have shared thus far. I think it's so incredible to see if there are times when we have to start Back, no excuses, we sometimes have to take a break to focus on what is important. And we know that podcasting is evergreen, and it is an evergreen content that will live on and people will discover as they're looking for certain solution to their problem. And so yes, put your effort into podcasting, if you will have limited time, and you need to decide what needs to go what needs to give so that you can concentrate on what matters, definitely go ahead and make sure to keep your podcast going. That is why we're here to remind you of that. If you're not yet a podcaster, then hopefully we are getting you to think about coming out with this medium in this form of communication and providing value to your audience and those who you're called to serve. And we are here for you as a resource. So every moderator you see here, I know them and I've gotten to know them. And I'm just so grateful that they're taking the time to share their expertise on why they podcast and how podcasting is a part of their strategy. And so if you're wanting to get started, just send me that dm checklist. We'll send you that podcast checklist. And we have also TJ just mentioned the YouTube room we do every Friday and we're always looking to add to our panels. We've had some people as I mentioned, they're they literally have millions, one lady had 900 and something 1000 subscribers and she's a part of the Creator club for YouTube. So they go to her when they're coming out with new things for YouTube creators. And so we have so much value that is shared with you and that you're able to ask questions you never know who's going to show up because the YouTube community is very strong here on clubhouse and they're passionate about what they create and how they can create passive income and value and opportunities for others to make a living doing what they love. So we really appreciate that share today, TJ I want to welcome Naomi Trisha, Jimmy Diane, Michelle, Victoria Saturday, Camille Tabitha Isaak Wendy, Brian Ruben, Daryl joy, Johnny, Danny, part of the listening lounge today, we appreciate you, we could not have this dynamic space without each of you. And then on the stage, we're so delighted and blessed to have with us, Tracy, nee, TJ, Toby, Linda T, Renee, Haley, Kyle, Jeremy Kelly, and, of course Cadiz out from the alley family. So thank you so much for adding your value. We're getting ready to wrap up here shortly. And so if you have a question, please do Raise your hands. So you can make the most of these incredible panelists who are here and that have built their business, as well as their podcast and their brand as a result of podcasting, and any of our moderators, if you ever want to chime in just slow tap your mic, and we'll give you an opportunity. At the very end. We'll also have you share one tip for each of our listeners here today. ninda. I saw you slow tap. So go ahead and pour in my brother.

Ninder Johal 1:03:03
Yeah, I think thank you for that. I think patience is really key, really key, as with anything takes time to establish a brand, whether that's a podcast brand, or any other brand. And I heard these two steps. And Stacy told me if I'm incorrect, but the two steps are as follows. A lot of people give up just before the eighth episode, do they think there's no traction, and they give up and they just walk away. The next milestone I've heard is 50 episodes, some written some research here. And they say once you get past these two milestones, it becomes part of your DNA, it becomes something you do very, very consistently. I think the other thing I would say to people in a separate podcast is somebody mentioned Simon Sinek, I think, why are you setting it up? A lot of people like the idea of a podcast, set it up and then give up. Hence those two milestones. Starting to clear you are at the start of your journey as to why you're doing it. How will you track your expectations? And what does success look like? How will you know that you're on the path to reaching your objectives? If you're very clear with these things, as with any brand, as with any project, as with any business, if you can answer those basic questions around your podcast, you will do well.

Stacy Zant 1:04:28
Yes, so, so incredible. You've heard it folks directly from Ninder, who also has a magazine. He has the podcast, he's incorporating podcasting as a part of his strategy to build his brand. And he has so many other ways that he's showing up and being a blessing to others with what he creates and the people who he connects with that podcasting opens the door to so just so appreciate that you pouring in. So we want to go ahead and give any last opportunities for those who are here listening in on our show in session today, why we podcasts and how is podcasting a part of your strategy, this is going to be the last call for you to raise your hands and to share with us before we go down the line and have our lovely moderators go and share their last words on why you should incorporate podcasting as a part of your strategy. And so that you are reminded week after week to keep showing up to remain consistent in the calling that you have in the mission and the vision and how to get that further out there through podcasting. So my friends, I'm going to pass on the mic, I want to give everyone who's new to us an opportunity to connect with the fearless creator club, you'll see by hitting the green little mentioned there, you'll be able to join us. And then we have rooms throughout the week, we have also our YouTube room where we talk about is YouTube a part of your strategy and why it should be. And we're just always blessed to hear how others are growing their channels, how they're growing their reach, and how they're creating impact that lives on evergreen content that brings in passive income. And podcasting does the same. I've had people who reached out about getting a specific product. And when I asked them, How do you discover me, they would attribute it to seeing one of my videos. And maybe it was linked to my podcasts. And then they found more ways to connect with me to like to know to trust and then wanting to purchase whether you're a coach like Kelly or Kyle or if you are a service provider or a product developer, you'll find that people will connect with your vision and your mission, because they've heard you, they've watched you and they've come to like, know and trust you. And so please do tap into the beauty and the opportunity that you have as a fearless creator to create content in this form. And to keep doing so keep showing up for yourself into those who are called to serve. And so we bring that to you on Fridays. And of course, this room is on Wednesdays. And if you need additional resources, just check out our BIOS and you'll be able to connect and be a part of our future panels. And this particular recorded session will be on the fearless creator podcast. So no, Allie, we're going to go down the line we'd like for each of you to just share your last shares as to why podcasting is a part of your strategy or why should others make it a part of their strategy off to you alley family? kiddies?

Kadizha-Ali Family 1:07:41
Sure. Thank you so much, Stacy, once again for a great room and putting together such a varied number of individuals who are really experts in podcasting at this point. So podcasting as a part of my husband and my strategies because we feel like we have a message to share their conversations that we have between the two of us that we sort of want to get out to to other people. And then he said recently is this really like creative release. And I know on stage earlier, we talked about the pandemic, bringing out a lot of this creativity and a lot of different people. So it's a way to just release that can sometimes even be sort of a therapy session where you're I mean, certainly on our podcast is the two of us, but sometimes their podcast with singular people I should say. And so even if there is not a person there who you're talking to her interviewing, just sort of talking and letting yourself be the audience before others see is is very therapeutic. So once again, thank you for this space and if anyone wants to reach out certainly our DMS are open thanks so much. Bye bye.

Stacy Zant 1:08:45
We're gonna keep passing the mic. Thank you so much. Cadiz out over to you, Kelly.

Kellee Williams 1:08:51
Hey everyone. So yes, podcasting is definitely a part of my strategy. One of the things I've learned is that there is an audience for everybody. There is a specially formulated audience, for people that no matter what it is you're talking about, I promise you there are people out there waiting to hear what you have to say it's just a wonderful outlet. It's a wonderful opportunity to showcase what you're able to add as far as value goes but it's also an opportunity to impact people. Oh my goodness, you would not believe how many people are impacted by things that I don't even seem like like it doesn't even seem like a big deal to me but they find it so impactful. So it's something I'm able to say or something I guess on my podcast is able to say can really impact someone influenced them and it really resonates with someone then I've done my job I'm Kelly and I'm complete for now. Hi this juices me I really have enjoyed being part of this bruise easy. This is an amazing I do have to jump off I just wanted to say quickly by accidentally kept on me to do that. But thank you so much for having me. Everyone has been amazing and I really, truly pretty Say that thank you so much for having me. Stacy,

Stacy Zant 1:10:02
thank you so much for being a part of this. And we appreciate you and the work that you do as a producer and podcaster. Haley, the mic is oh two. Oh, you're welcome over to you says how would you encourage others with their final words, as to incorporating podcasting as a part of this strategy?

Haley Day 1:10:21
Sure, I was going to use my moment to encourage anyone in the audience is thinking about a podcast, or maybe you have started a podcast, but you're somewhat discouraged by it. Look for someone to help you find what you need to be doing to make it work for you. Because it's definitely a great asset. I think, you know, once you start it and start building it up, and letting it evolve to support you and your audience and your purpose, then you will see what a great asset it is. And it doesn't have to be perfect. You can change the cover art every week. If you have to get it right, you can change the title of it, you can change the subject of what all these things can evolve with you and what you're doing using the podcast for. So just get started. And I know there's a lot of people out there waiting to listen to you.

Stacy Zant 1:11:11
Amen. Thank you so much, Haley. But beautiful, encouraging words to Renee over to you encourage those who are considering or a part of podcasting community.

Podcaster Guest T-Renee 1:11:21
Thankyou. Thank you so much. I echo what everybody has been saying, you know, it may be a calling. For some of us, like myself as an actress. And the host is just a natural progression, it just may be what you're called to do is just evolving, right, but just actually the natural next step. And additionally, let's just say you're not an actress, you're not a host. This is this is something new like how you say you know, you're a doctor from Florida or you are a stylist, you have something that to offer to the world. And I know that it may be getting inundated with or you may feel that way, like everybody has a podcast, but you know what, there's room for you. If this is truly what you want to do, there is room and there's so many people here. And we can all attest to that, because COVID happened, right? So even if you had everything going on, and you were super busy living your life, the world slowed down. So sometimes people need. So maybe it's something that you bring escape, because you love to tell stories, and you can add so much value that way, maybe you are a mother and a grandmother as well, you can bring so much information into nurturing a kid, right? Really, really helping a little human being be well balanced. Maybe you have medical gifts, and you can teach that. And lastly, I believe that as somebody that is a believer, right, God is the head of my household. So maybe God is calling you. But maybe this has been in your belly for a while and you can't deny the world your gift because God is waiting for you. And so are your viewers. But it takes tenacity, you have to hang in there. So this is what I would leave you if you feel like it's something that you're meant to do is you have to give try it. What's the worst that could happen, Mathis and thank you so much for opportunity. Thank you

Stacy Zant 1:13:01
so much. What beautiful words of encouragement and conviction for those who are still trying to decide if they should embark on this journey as a podcaster. Ninja over to you, brother. Go ahead and share with us.

Ninder Johal 1:13:14
Yeah, so podcasting wasn't something natural for me. But I've learned a lot from it. So I would encourage people to do a podcast because at the end of the journey, a tender process, you will be a much better and much more skilled and a much more learned person. Let me explain. So preparing for podcasts meant that I had to read books, the author sent me because I cannot interview someone who have not read the book. So what does that mean? Well, that means my knowledge has grown simply by reading the book. Secondly, by reading the book and preparing, I start to understand how to interview someone. Thirdly, difficult for a lot of people, including me, when you have to listen back, you can improve the way you have a conversation and the way you probe. And I think fourthly, if you put all those things together, all those things you haven't done before you've entered the territory that's unknown to you are uncomfortable. So by definition, you will grow to be a better person. So the amount of skills you will pick up by doing a podcast is on believable. And finally, I suppose it's another great way of connecting with some superb talent out there in the world who have a journey and a story to tell. And your role is to help them tell it. That's mean in the jungle.

Stacy Zant 1:14:29
Thank you so much. The great words of wisdom for us to take with us in seeing the beauty and the power in podcasting. Thank you, Linda, TJ, we'd love to hear your last words for everyone listening, why they should incorporate podcasting as a part of their strategy.

TJ McKnight 1:14:45
Yeah, I actually love what you just said. Every thing that podcasting does, it sets you up for success. There are a lot of failures that will come with podcasting mistakes that you'll make but you learn from those mistakes by going back and listening and going back and looking at those mistakes you can make, and you correct them. And I know for me, one of the biggest things that I can take away from podcasting that I just absolutely love the most, has been the ability to connect with so many different, amazing individuals all over the world. One thing that COVID has done for me, has allowed me to engage with so many people all across this world that I would have never engaged with before. And I thank God that he placed this podcast he placed podcasting in my lap. To be able to do that I'm able to speak on stages with people all across this world. Now, through clubhouse, I'm able to connect with different people through clubhouse, and it's just crazy. thing I can say is that I had an opportunity to meet someone, just last week, we connected through clubhouse. I had him on my podcast, and hadn't met him in person. And it just so happened, we met each other, we connect it in Chicago of all places, he lives in Atlanta, I live in North Carolina, we're literally like four hours away from each other. But we connected we met each other in person in Chicago, all through the power of club house and of podcasting, and just finding those genuine interest. And so you develop so many different skills, you develop so many different connections and relationships that I feel that are key and are pertinent. And you never know where those connections where those relationships could lead. And these newfound skills that you have, you don't know where it may take you to, you know, each and every gift and skill that you have it cultivates and helps to nurture and it helps to grow you as a person, even finding out that you're able to do things that you weren't thought that you were unable to do. That's what podcasting helps, it helps to bring out more of your personality and conversations in everyday conversations. And it just removes that element of fear that, hey, I can now do something that I thought was what's hard to do. For a lot of people public speaking is hard. start a podcast, put yourself out there. Because that's going to help overcome your fear of public speaking, that's going to help overcome your fear of talking to people in public. And it's going to help overcome your fear of interviewing people, whatever. So that's my advice. And my name is tj. And I'm done.

Stacy Zant 1:17:15
Thank you so much, brother, just such a blessing to hear you as a champion for the community that is possible through podcasting. Toby, welcome back, we'd love for you to share your last words on why should others incorporate podcasting as a part of their strategy. And then we'll hear from Richard as our last year today.

Toby Younis 1:17:34
Again, thank you for the opportunity, I took what you suggested earlier to giving tips. So I'm going to make this a tip as opposed to a last piece that maybe it is a piece of advice. And that is if you are not familiar or perhaps even uncomfortable with the idea of hosting a live stream or a podcast, one of the ways to overcome that is to become a guest on a pod podcast or live stream. In a lot of the clubhouse rooms. There are always folks including us asking for people to sign up as guests on their podcast and live streams. And it's a great way for you to get comfortable not only with the technology, but within the interaction that occurs. Tasty. Thank you for the invitation to speak. My name is Toby Jones. And I'm

Stacy Zant 1:18:18
well thank you for that gift. Toby always blessed by your incredible generosity when you come in, you're a part of our conversation. So thank you for sharing that with those who are listening in a part of this conversation today. Richard, we're so grateful to have you join us as the last speaker here today, I see that you're the founder of the success book club. You're also a TEDx speaker. And so we definitely want to hear as the host of the nautical project podcast, we'd love for you to share. Why do you podcast and how is podcasting a part of your strategy with any last tips you may have to share?

Richard 1:18:55
Yeah, Stacey, thank you so so much. So I did my first podcast years ago now. And I have to say, I suppose speaking to people in the audience, specifically, if you're someone like me, who genuinely loves to hear people tell their story and listen to people, then an interviewing style podcast is a purely pleasurable thing to do. It's absolutely a joyful thing to do. If I could do nothing else, but interview people, I probably would do that. The second thing I'll say is that I'm not musical. And I wouldn't say that I could draw, I can't even draw hice I'm not artistic at all. However, I believe that we're all creative in some way. And for me, podcasting definitely is a creative endeavor. And I've really, really enjoyed exploring my creativity through something that I wouldn't have even imagined before. So that's been a joy. And then the third thing I'll say is one thing that I say to all my guests with the minute I interview authors, and one thing I say to them the goal We'll have this conversation that we're going to have is that if I get one message, just one message from somebody that says, that interview was exactly what I needed to hear today, then for me, that's a big success. And I'm happy enough to say that that's happened, at least one message for every interview that I've done, sometimes many messages, but that feeling you get, whenever you know that you've made an impact on somebody's lives through putting an interview out there, or whatever your podcast is, that's an amazing, amazing feeling that you really come with money on. So for me at the present time, it's very much a personal strategy, because I love it nothing more than Yeah, just interviewing people, the creative side of it, and obviously, sharing those ideas with the listener. So yeah, thank you very much for having me on the stage. And I look forward to this room again, for sure. My name is Richard, I'm done speaking. Thank you,

Stacy Zant 1:20:53
Richard. We always love celebrating, celebrating the new shape that we have in this space. And so we're so blessed to hear how podcasting is something you absolutely love. And you could just do that with the rest of your time and life. I'm just so grateful that you've added your perspective and your incredible voice to our conversation together today on why we podcast and how is podcasting a part of your strategy so others can learn whether they should consider making it a part of their strategy and so we definitely are excited and look forward to having you a part of future conversations for those new to us. Welcome Phil Naomi Diane Camille Siri dodge true. Dr. Sharon, Tabitha Isaak Danny Saturday for being a part of the listening lounge today we host this room on Wednesdays we have our YouTube room is YouTube, a part of your strategy wide should be on Fridays if anything resonates with you and you are an expert or aspiring expert in a certain area and you consider yourself a fearless creator, please do join our club, the fearless creator and connect with each other, connect with us. All the moderators here have gotten to know and I'm just so blessed by the value they bring the perspective and their voice the power of your voice is incredible and what that is able to do especially when you're able to create an evergreen form of providing value through podcasting and so we do invite you to consider if you're not yet a podcaster if you need a checklist to get started please do send a DM checklist if you need any of the resources that my fellow moderators are providing please do check out their profiles dm them connect with them I'm so blessed that Ali I always say Ali family because that's what I see first but Cadiz AB Kelly Haley t Rene Toby Richard that you've been a part of us today and those who had to leave within their absence I want to honor also Jeremy Kyle and a few others that I know came through on the stage TJ knee we're just so blessed by all that has been shared today. And so I'm gonna we're gonna ring out with our Closing Music and we're going to count down and Sarah goodbyes and we look forward to seeing you again very very very soon. Today's episode was brought to you by the fearless creator calm as a beloved listener you can access your free podcast success checklist and do not miss the opportunity to join us for a continued series and support that is provided through the fearless creator plan. This is just what you need to jumpstart and equip you on your journey to podcast success this season. Use your voice boldly and confidently to impact your world. Learn more at the fearless creator comm slash podcast checklist or text fearless creator 2741 to one. If you are a new listener to the fearless creator podcast with Stacy Zant. We'd love to hear from you. Please do reach out send an email or contact us tag us here on Instagram all the social media platforms and let us know how we can continue to serve you and bring to you the tools and motivation you need to continue creating fearlessly as we continue to share multi generational stories that inspire I would love to invite you to tell a friend about this podcast tag me on Instagram or Facebook. What was your greatest takeaway when it comes to podcasting and what it can do for you and those you serve? Remember we love being social and hearing from you so do connect with each other and me on Instagram at Lady Stacy Zant where I personally respond and we share your highlights of your takeaways when you tag me You can also connect on the fearless leader Facebook page and group views hashtag love fearless creator for a chance to be featured on our multimedia platforms if you are a person who does love To see watch and deal we do bring to you live interviews and so much more connection opportunities over on our YouTube channel. Listen to the stories of our elders and millennial mentees who become mentors themselves as you strive to find your purpose. delve deeper into discussion ideas through journal questions and tips provided in our weekly newsletter. Thank you for listening to the fearless creator podcast with Stacy Zant visit us at the fearless creator comm slash why we podcast and I look forward to connecting with you as I equip you to fearlessly create

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