Why We YouTube On Clubhouse & Greenroom-Is It Worth It?

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In this episode of The Fearless Creator Podcast …

Is it Worth it to Simulcast on these every growing and popular social audio apps-Clubhouse and Greenroom? The YouTube Video Response, Podcast Episode and Post will answer that question for you. As a Bonus, learn Why We Youtube which was the topic of our weekly mastermind discussion in The Fearless Creator Club. 

We answer, What exactly in BC Stack and Why Do You Need this stack of tools, templates, courses and resources for bloggers and entrepreneurs? We go through just that with the founder and creator-Dan Morris and tips to soar as a Fearless Creator working less hours yet earning more. 

This interview features Today's guest Dan Morris- is the CEO of Audience Industries. After having put on hundreds of 8-hour workshops around the globe, he's figured out how to make a full time income online working 4 months/year.

Listen carefully and you can watch carefully this interview live premiere on our Facebook page and YouTube channel…

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*Fearless Points from this episode transcript:

  • You can use YouTube as a Coach to provide an additional avenue of support for clients and those who might be interested in ways that you can serve them at some point (Kellee)
  • Visualize your story before actually creating the video and take notes of that visualization. Visualize you story, write it down and then start. This will allow you to practically have less editing time. 
  • Try to keep your videos between 8-10 minutes and up to 15 minutes when starting out so you can remain consistent in producing and scheduling out video content. Keep a consistent schedule that works for you and your audience. 
  • Try to correlate your YouTube Channel with a membership so you can go deeper with your clients and community members. (Curtis)
  •  See the possibility in not just monetizing your channel but to reach people. 
  • Add your link to your bio or landing page, don't be afraid to ask people ( get access to the script and full strategy here before it goes live anywhere else!)
  • Don't be afraid to start or restart! (April)
  • Consider creating long form content (20-30 minutes of content and approx. 1 hr of Q&A) that will benefit you in the long term if done right. 
  • You can then download the video off YouTube or the platform you are using to Live Stream like Ecamm Live. That one long form content can be your content for the next four weeks once edited down with key sections you want to address and share as shorter form content. 
  • To have your audience be prepared to spend an hour or more with you, prepare a lesson and then leave room for questions. 
  • If you are very active with your live audience, they will be willing to hang out for even 2.5 hours long to get value out of you. 
  • Utilizing this kind of strategy can provide many speaking engagement opportunities where other influencers and speakers can see your content, see how you present and that's almost enough for them to skip through the whole process of vetting to invite you in to share your expertise as a keynote speaker. 
  • If you are just starting out focus on the short form content as well because that is being pushed out generously due to social media platforms like tik-tok, IG reels, etc. (Denzel)
  • A great and organic way to grow your channel is to collaborate and shout out other creators-YouTubers as you would do when guesting on other people's podcast as a podcaster and they give you the opportunity to share about your podcast. The listeners and viewers are already on the platform you want them to connect with you on. 
  • Also consider placing a youtuber that you have mentioned from your niche or in a similar niche in your content, within the title or description of your video. Better yet, make it a good review about their content and the education they too provide!
  • The power of collaboration is enormous! There is truly nothing like it. When you genuinely provide value people will mention you in their content and they supporters will have a genuine interest in checking you out since they are hearing about you from someone they “like, know and trust”
  • Take the interviews you are already facilitation with permission to create content on your YouTube Channel. (Katy)

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I can't thank our panelists and participants enough for sharing their expertise with us as I've linked to them in the show notes of this episode – Kellee, Curtis, April, Denzel and Katy. As we continue to share fearless stories that inspire, I want to invite you to tell a friend about this podcast. Tag me on Instagram or Facebook what was your greatest takeaway when it comes to building  and growing your youtube channel or utilizing one social audio platform at a time. 

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